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There's no denying the power of a simple image: with the strength to convey a whole message in a single vision, carry a host of connotations, or reaffirm the meaning of accompanying words. With this in mind, we took a lot of time and care to choose and combine images, colours, and fonts, which we felt captured the sentiment that is carried throughout our ethos: taking time to be wise. From this, we were able to craft colours which visually communicated each fragrances' character, and also reminded us to take a moment to pause. So here is a bit of insight into of how we came to our final design, and a little of the story of what each represents.

Basic beginnings

As with every creative process, we began with our core ambition: to encourage people to pause. Telling this story could have been undertaken just using words, but images can help to cement these ideas into the mind and give us subtle reminders of small changes we can make in our day to slow down.

We thought about the different objects and icons which would make us do just this. Sometimes a beautiful image is enough to make you pause, catching the eye and bringing you to a standstill... We identified items of nature which force us to slow down. And finally, are those which symbolise time and the significance it can have in our daily lives.

With these thoughts in our minds, we started our hunt for the images which have now come to represent not only our ethos but are all linked to the fragrances they accompany.

Curious curios and curating colours

You'll find our 'curios' on the front and side of each our new ranges' packaging and boxes, along with a small intercept detailing the images meaning. Each fragrance range is inspired by a time of day -  morning, afternoon and evening: Oparus is inspired by the sunrise, Mellifera by a meadow in the afternoon, and Noctula by the colours of seduction.

Each curio represents an element of the story behind each fragrance, or one of the floral ingredients. For example, the pocket watch on Oparus reminds us to be released from the shackles of time and be more carefree; the chatelaine scissors on Mellifera represent trimming away the excess in our lives, and the owl on Noctula reflects the benefits of being still and the wisdom of observing the world around us.

We also chose the colour scheme for each in line with the different times of day: Oparus being a vibrant, energising orange; Mellifera a fresh and grassy green hue; and Noctula a deep and sensual purple.

The end result

With all elements complete, it was with the help of some very talented designers that our dream was created. Attention to detail was key here: seeing how we could bring together the individual images to not only make them aesthetically pleasing but also meaningful.

By incorporating a personal handwritten-style message from our very own Amanda, we hoped to capture the human element that drives us to create these opportunities for women to pause. Our complex design, ultimately, mirrors the complexity of each scent, providing the perfect companion for those looking to take a true moment of pause.

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