Best Places to go For Xmas in Islington- Lucky Voice

Lucky Voice in Islington

As the Christmas festivities are just around the corner, Ive been catching up on the best places to go on the lead up to Xmas for yourselves or as part of a Xmas party.  On the website Islington People, they have made it easy for us by listing a few of the best places to visit around the area. 

One of them is Lucky Voice, a kind of modern karaoke bar, which has rooms that you can hire for an eve, have drinks brought to you by ringing a buzzer that notifies the waitress that you need a drink.  So you never have to leave the room and can sing til your hearts content.  I went to Lucky Voice last year around this time as it was my partners birthday, a whole load of us descended on Lucky Voice, it was loads of fun, and we made good use of the dressing up box that they supply for you, wigs, hats, etc… Guilty by Barbara Streisand is a particular fav of mine to belt out, and especially after few cocktails my voice resembles hers, I’m sure,.

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