After: Laura's beautiful new colour

Laura Patch goes Red

One of our lovely guests in our Islington salon braved a big change recently and the results were so beautiful we just had to share them with you. Laura has been a guest of Billie’s at THE CHAPEL for a long time and has always been a blonde. You may have seen Laura in the hilarious Star Stories where she played roles such as Kate Moss, Emma Bunton and Christina Aguilera. Going for a change this dramatic is both bold and exciting. Bille said ” I love to see the transformation in guests when we change their hair. It can literally transform the person; how they dress, how they walk, how they carry themselves. So many people are scared of change but a good colourist can talk you through the procedure and at THE CHAPEL, we always offer aftercare advice- from which new shampoos to try, to what changes to make to your make up. ”

Have a look at before and after and see for yourself.

Before:Laura when she was blonde



After: Laura's beautiful new colour

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  1. She looks a lot better as a blonde sorry :(

    The red drains colour from her face and makes her gaunt looking.

    How quickly can you get her back to blonde?!

  2. Wow is all i can say!! That red is amazing!! I think ill have to make an appointment really soon. I would love that exact transformation (i am also blonde) I love it!! :)

  3. Have to say…..i love both! How lucky is she that she can be blonde AND red?!

    Making me want to be more daring!……………….

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