The Chapel History

Amanda Dicker

When Amanda and Toby Dicker opened their first salon "No.9 Colour & Style" in Tunbridge Wells 19 years ago, they had a unique vision in mind.

Amanda had trained as as stylist before travelling the world and returning to Tunbridge Wells to manage a wine bar and it was during this time she developed her focus on what was important to her customer. She remembered her travels and how it was always the little details that are really important; the people you meet, the welcome you receive, the kindness and hospitality you feel. She began to understand that creating an environment where her guests felt at home and special was the first step to getting an inspired relationship between them and their stylist. Coupled with Toby's business brain and practical head, and with a genuine focus on doing things differently, they created their brand THE CHAPEL and began to teach their team to ask their guests how they want to "feel", not just what they wanted to look like.

They purchased one of the most beautiful and unusual buildings in the heart of Tunbridge Wells' old town - an old Rehobeth Baptist chapel. After extensive refurbishment, THE CHAPEL opened its doors in 2001 and has grown ever since.

In December 2007 Amanda opened the stylish North London salon THE CHAPEL ISLINGTON, and most recently in July 2011 she launched her third fabulous hairdressing establishment THE CHAPEL SEVENOAKS with partner Dawn.

Each salon, though distinct, remains consistent to THE CHAPEL brand - the outstanding combination of excellent hairdressing and brilliant customer service. Amanda: "I created the 'R.E.S.T.' concept to make sure that all the team deliver Relaxation, Education, Service and a Tailored experience. Every guest should receive the individual attention of their stylist from start to finish."

THE CHAPEL has won numerous national and international awards, including two Global Salon Business Awards, and been crowned the best in the UK by industry bodies no less than six times.

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