Bold and blunt: how high fashion hair is making a statement

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Here at The Chapel, we like to make high fashion hair an everyday reality, and the recent bold blunt hair trend is no exception. Runway inspired hair doesn't have to mean super polished curls or slick back ponies. Fashion forward designers and IT girls alike have been rocking some much edgier styles of late: pushing the boundaries of what is thought to compliment and contrast. For a bold blunt style that's a bit more real life than runway, take cues from Kylie Jenner's Met Gala style. Now that we've mentioned the Met Gala you're probably thinking that there's no chance you can achieve that look from home, but the right haircut will make styling a breeze. So if you want to make a statement with your hair, then we've got some style suggestions, and tips on how to keep your style on point for longer.

The blunt bob

Kylie Jenner paraded her rich black, side parted blunt bob, paired with a natural makeup look to let her blunt new hairstyle do the talking. With smooth strands framing her face perfectly her style looked effortlessly elegant.

To get this look, ask for a blunt bob that lands just at your chin. Because the style is all one length, growing out this style will be super easy (not that you'll want to do that for a while),  and will always look fresh between visits. A smoothing or straightening serum will be your best friend with this hairstyle, and make curlier locks a lot more manageable to help retain your styling efforts.

Micro Fringes

Joan Small also rocked a bold look recently at the CFDAs. She paired a beachy, blunt bob with blunt micro bangs. A style like this will look best for those with naturally straight hair so that your new fringe won't be a pain to keep straight. If you're wanting the channel this look directly, use a medium sized barrel curling tong and randomly curl the lengths of your hair, facing different directions. Spray with a texturizing or sea salt spray for beachy texture, and hold and ruffle through with your fingers to separate the curls. This will work perfectly on second day hair, to really hold the waves and give your hair an effortless touch to compliment the blunt bangs.

Alternatively, this style looks strong on completely sleek and straight hair, for maximum impact and a dressier look. Micro fringes can be hard work, as they tend to grow rapidly. This may make it tempting to give it a bit of a snip yourself when you've been left alone in the bathroom with a pair of scissors, but be sure to book in regular appointments with an expert stylist to keep your fringe trimmed. Keep in mind that a micro fringe will put your eyebrows on clear display so make sure to maintain their shape and define with a pencil or powder to fill in.

Super short crop

If you're into something a bit more alternative and are willing to take the plunge, channel Alexander Wang's NYFW runway show and go for a super short crop, with and even shorter fringe. It's definitely not a look for the faint of heart, but will surely turn heads and inspire hair envy amongst your friends.

The key to making a style like this look edgy is the texture. Texture will give thick hair the right shape, and provide a little extra volume to thinner hair. Another positive is that you'll be able to roll out of bed, ruffle your hair a little and be on your way: the messier the better with this hair style.

Maintaining your look

High fashion hair doesn't have to be high maintenance, but we do have some tips on keeping these choppy, blunt styles bold and edgy. Crisp clean ends will keep your look fresh and help retain your style so regular trims are a must, as is a heat protectant to ensure you're preventing damage when using heat styling tools.

Are you ready to transform your style? For more inspiration, explore our blog or get in contact with one of our expert stylists who can help you achieve the perfect bold style.

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