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Bollywood beauty: braids and accessories to release your inner goddess

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Glamorous, decadent, beautiful: the world of Bollywood has always been a place to look for fashion inspiration. Full of rich colours, shining gold accessories, and opulent fabrics, the exotic look seems so far away from our dreary cold winter in the UK. But with Bollywood glamour dominating the SS/17 catwalks , and more and more stores stocking beautiful Bollywood inspired pieces, it's the perfect way to inject a bit of glamour into your winter style.

We get it, it's not to everyone's taste to don a sari or adorn yourself with countless gold accessories, but there are some great subtle hair tricks which will give an air of Bollywood beauty without the commitment. So here's our all singing, all dancing guide, to braids and accessories which will release your inner goddess.

Indian inspiration

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Ever the image of glamour and flawless beauty, it seems almost natural that the style that accompanies Bollywood's vibrant culture would permeate mainstream fashion. Hitting the UK shores in the form of Ashish's SS17 show, the Bollywood look has now never been so accessible. Mixing casual cool clothing, with floral prints, glitter and decadent materials, all in rich jewel tones, Ashsish's ode to Indian culture became a talking point of this years LFW.

The barefooted models strutted down the stage heavily adorned in shining golden accessories, simple yet striking makeup, and sheer capes to create a truly captivating show, which has now worked its way down to the high street. It only takes a quick scan of the accessory section in any of your favourite stores to see the Indian influence: from septum rings to stackable bangles, to chain headdresses.

Big Bollywood braids

One of the key hair styles, replicated throughout is the chunky hip length plait. Unlike the usually tame braids, which are neatly plaited, this style requires a rougher hand and a creative flair. To really get the full look, try using hair extensions to give your hair more thickness and extend its length. But if you're sticking to your natural locks, look to use volumising products on unwashed hair to give more depth and achieve a thicker braid.

Begin by dividing the hair into three sections, taking a length of ribbon and tying the hair root. Plait the ribbon into the hair, incorporating it with one of the sections of hair, to ensure that it is evenly tied into the plait. Finish with a hair elastic, backcombing the ends slightly to give a pom-pom-like effect. To finish the look, take a length of beaded rope and twist down the length of the braid. Once again, begin by tying at the top of the braid and securing at the bottom with a hair elastic. Here, think of a sort of 'helter-skelter' look, adding another dimension to your braid.

Crowning glory

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For a more regal look, get your hands on an Indian style crown or chain headdress. When choosing your accessory, pick those which are gold in colour, feature symbolic images, or interesting fabrics. Crowns usually come in the form of an inhibiting any style you choose. They will form the centrepiece of your style, so it's really important that you feel comfortable with your choice.

To ensure maximum effect, scrape your hair back into a high bun, placing on the top of the head directly behind your crown. Alternatively form a beehive, parting your hair down the middle and folding each section back. Secure with grips and hairspray to ensure that it stays in place even after you've fitted your crown or headdress. To finish the look, pair this minimalist hairdo, with a shining bindi in the centre of your forehead. This can be worn in a similar way to the Ashish show, attaching a single piece of jewellery to the front of the crown and letting it hang down, or alternatively, look for a temporary body sticker. This look is perfect for the party season : adding a little more interest to your uniform LBD.

So there you have it, two great hair looks to instantly insert a bit of Bollywood glamour into your everyday style. Whether you prefer more subtle braids or head jewellery, giving your look an exotic twist is a fabulous way to reinvent your look this autumn and winter. For more hair inspiration take a look around our blog or get the advice if our experts, by looking at our expert articles are by getting in contact with us.

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