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Welcome back to the third instalment in our four-part series offering helpful hints and advice for brightening up the back end of winter with a whole new hair colour, and this blog is entirely devoted to making the very best of your brunette self.

It's ironic that this exciting, alluring and dramatically diverse colour seems to generate the most dissatisfaction in those who are naturally blessed, especially when you remember that trademark brunette hair has become iconic for a host of A-list celebrities, from Penelope Cruz to Mila Kunis and Salma Hayek. If you can't imagine these ladies in any other shade, then do we really need to tell you to cherish those chestnut tones? These are some of the sexiest, sweetest and most sophisticated shades around, and the trick to becoming a brunette bombshell is simply to avoid flat, matt brown at all times by ensuring that hair is kept vibrant, lustrous and rich with a depth of tones. And if you're still having trouble embracing brown, our teams are more than ready to lead you to the dark side.

"There's still sometimes a terrible misconception that brown is boring," explains salon director Dawn Oliver, "but each each shade of brunette is subtlety unique, and the most amazing thing about this whole range of tones is their ability to reflect the light, providing that beautiful signature shine that you don't get with any other colour."

"There are so many colours in the brown range each one providing beautiful tones, classic chocolate colours and rich chestnuts look stunning and work right throughout the year. To add interest work with the seasons and use ballyage/floating lights to brighten your hair, and create a sun-kissed look through the spring summer months, then move to rich dark drinking chocolate tones for that deep velvety feel during winter. At The Chapel we always use REDKEN colours, they provide multi tonal looks so you can be totally confident your brown will never be boring!"


Billie Sarah Waugh, a longtime colour specialist and director at our Islington salon, agrees that the method for building rich browns is to go only a few shades darker or lighter than your natural skin tone, then blend back with graduating highlights.

"Dark hair does not mean all one colour," she declares, "just like highlights, adding differing tones creates depth and makes for more dimension and interest... natural hair isn't all one colour, and the biggest mistake you can make when colouring is to dye hair one flat tone. Dark reflects the light so much better than blonde so ensure that the hair is treated after colour to maximise the shine lines."


Our Sevenoaks stylist Jodie Daniels is also a big brunette fan and another vocal endorser of the REDKEN Chromatics range when applying permanent colour.

"We pride ourselves on concentrating on making hair beautiful by enhancing its natural vitality, creating fabulous multi-tonal luscious locks. Browns can be accentuated in subtle but truly exciting ways, anything from catching hints of reds, coppers, violets and golds in the light. The choice, and the inspiration is yours, whether it's a bar of Galaxy or a precious piece of mahogany. We have the professional tools to help you realise your ideas, and to make certain they suit you and your lifestyle."

So if you thought being brunette was boring, think again. With ombre styles just made for enhancing this hair colour, not to mention luscious shades from coffee and caramel to chestnut and chocolate, the one brown you'll never have to be again - is beige!

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