How 'skater-girl mess' became this season’s guiltiest pleasure

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This summer's 'skater girl' isn't a punk cast-off hanging about in baggy denim, brooding up at us through liner-heavy lids: she's cool without being callous, carefree, and not afraid to embrace the natural wear-and-tear life sometimes springs on our appearance.

And so, the fashion world's love for 'too-cool-for-school' style has instead turned its affections towards dressed-down, casual mess. Being dressed up to the nines isn't the way anymore: flats and trainers are back, and so is the devil-may-care, messed-up look. And the best bit? No matter what your haircut or colour, it's easy to tweak the look and make it your own.

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A dressed-down affair

From Stella McCartney to Thomas Trait, and Balmain to Gucci, designers have been showing off the sporty, casual aspects of their fashion lines this summer. Going sporty for summer is not a new idea: in fact, this time last year, the mighty fashion matriarch Chanel put their models in skate pads before setting them off on the runway. This year, their models' loose locks on the runway echo the same sentiments: effortless, easy, and I-don't-care natural beauty.

Remember your crimping iron? Stella McCartney's nod to the 80s has brought back the look in a big way: once crimped in a few sections, models' hair was 'squashed' down close to the head, and smoothed into a ponytail. If, like many of us, you disposed of your crimping iron as soon as the 90s were out, you can re-create this look by creating several tight, skinny plaits, and going over them a few times with your straightener. Don't have a straightener? Plait your hair in the same way, then sleep on it: when you wake up, your hair will be full of natural kinks.

Make it your own

Here at The Chapel we're big on tweaking trends and styles to make them your own. Whether you've got a spiky crop or love your long, luscious locks, giving your look a bit of casual 'edge' is but a hairbrush, rustle, or spray away.

If you have an oval-shaped face, try an up-do, or shorter hair style: embrace short and choppy, with plenty of layers you can straighten, ruffle, and mould into an organic mess with ease. If you've got long hair, not to worry: ponytails are amongst this season's favourites, and have been touted as the 'go-to' hairstyle for spring/ summer 2015. The low pony was a favourite for New York fashion week, affirming that silky smoothness is out, and bolder textures are in.  If Stella's crimps aren't for you, try plaiting random sections of your hair and scooping them into your ponytail: simple, and a nod to this season's fetish for seventies-boho.

Embrace your natural curls, and try grouping them loosely into a low pony so that your hair doesn't appear to lose its natural bounce, Jennifer Hawkins and Blake Lively. Miss Blake isn't one to shy from the messy braid, either, which is another route to explore if you're feeling experimental.

Hippy chic

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This season's fashion couldn't lend itself more readily to dressed-down mess, with loose, boho threads gracing runways in New York, Paris and London. Tennis shoes aren't just for the court, either: Burberry's spring/summer collection saw models strut down the runway in sneakers and loose denim. Pair up a floaty, peasant-style dress with some sneakers and some lightly tousled hair to echo this sporty-come-hippy 'I-don't-care' look, or channel your inner tomboy and grab one of your old denim jackets from the 70's to give you a bit more edge.

Or, if, like us, you've got your eye on this season's obsession with suede, go all-out boho and grab a fringed suede jacket to make your look a touch more 'earthy': this summer, there's no such thing as too much of a nod towards cowboy. For those keen to keep rocking the sporty look, pick up a well-cut pencil suede skirt and experiment with different textures. Try it out with denim, or a leather jacket, and play around with different styles of messy ponytail if your hair is long enough. If not, never fear: embrace your hair's natural texture and give it a bit of a tousle. This will create the illusion of movement, and help put a cool, easy spring in your step.

Keen to learn more about getting messy, without looking like a bomb hit you? Check out our blog for the latest style and haircare tips, or find your nearest salon to ask one of our dedicated stylists what they can do for you.

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