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When it comes to hairstyles, we’re always hearing about choosing what looks best for our face shape, but hands up, how many of us actually know our face shape?

Believe it or not, it’s sometimes harder than you think to tell what your face shape is. So, whether you’re debating on going for the chop, or want to grow out your hair into luscious, long wavy locks, we’ve rounded up the best way to tell exactly what face shape you’re blessed with (and how to make the most out of it when it comes to hairstyles, too).


Round faces are quite easy to distinguish – if you have a round face your cheekbones and face length have pretty equal measurements. They will most likely be larger than your jawline and forehead, and you’ll have a softer looking jawline than other face shapes.

Shaggy bobs and bangs really suit rounder face shapes, so next time you’re at the hair salon and fancy a change, why not ask your stylist to try out one of these?


Not as prominent as it sounds (!), those of us with square faces have pretty similar measurements all around. However, the jawline is notoriously sharper with square faces, making them easy to spot.

Hairdressers love to style square faces; layers and a short, choppy style are popular choices, but if you have longer hair, try loose waves to really make the most of that striking sharpness in the jawline.


Oval faces suit pretty much any hairstyle and can be distinguished by the longer face length in general, and high cheekbones.

Those with oval faces tend to have more rounded jawlines, which makes them a great match for hairstyles such as straight bobs, or soft, bouncy shoulder-length dos’. In fact, oval faces can usually get away with the majority of hairstyles, as our stylists in our London, Horsham, and Marlow salons will tell you.


Shine bright like a diamond, and your face shape will most likely be pretty long, with a pointed chin and cheekbones and narrow forehead.

Diamond shape faces are very striking, and therefore deserve a hairstyle to suit. Chin-length, pixie cuts, and thick, shoulder-length styles work well, but excessive layers should perhaps be avoided, as they may make it look like a bit too much is going on.


Triangle shape faces feature a larger jaw, small cheekbones and a smaller forehead; akin to the shape itself.

Those who sport triangle-shaped faces suit styles which use layering, as they complement the prominent jawline.

Straight, bob cuts are usually avoided by hairdressers when tending to clients with triangular facial features, as they have a habit of drawing attention to the bottom of the face, where it’s sometimes more flattering to have a softer, longer style.

If you fancy a change based on your face shape but aren’t quite sure where to start, pop along to one of our salons – we’re located all over, but have branches in London, Tunbridge Wells, and Sevenoaks amongst others. Our team of friendly, professional stylists will be more than happy to help you find that perfect match.

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