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Part 2 Update: Celebrate Individuality. Celebrate Yours.

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Part 2 of our Individuality 'Campaign'

Following the success of the first movement with our Guest Relations team, Amanda wanted to turn these inspirational quote ideas into realities for our guests.

After understanding the concept of the video (Part 1 below) prior to being finished, our London stylists all selected their own uniforms but with the twist - that they would place an inspirational quote of their very own to inspire others.

Sian, a stylist from our London salon, continues the journey...


Part 1 & The unusual story behind our Individuality 'Campaign'

If you’re already part of our Chapel family, you’ll already be familiar with one of our core values - celebrating the individual by tailoring every detail bespoke to you.

In 1997, our founder Amanda Dicker and her closest ones took it upon themselves to fix the wrongs of the hairdressing world. She wanted to create an environment where new ideas were encouraged and the status quo was not the default - she wanted to make The Chapel stand out from the very beginning.

One piece of this puzzle lay in the level of the experience. Amanda wanted to elevate levels of service to reset guests expectations of their salon experience. And so, our first Guest Relations Team was born, with their sharp and seasonally updated outfits to reflect the new high standard The Chapel was to set.

Fast forward 20 years and Amanda still felt something was jarring...

When the time came to update uniforms for the autumn/winter season Amanda saw clarity. The Chapel has always strived to help our guests find the perfect fit with their cut and colour - tailoring to emphasize their individuality and make them truly fancy themselves. And yet, our very own Guest Relations’ (GR’s) were not standing true to this, not having their own creative freedom to exude their own identities. To truly make our guests feel their best, every one of our team should too.

With the freedom to choose their own ‘uniform’, Amanda asked each individual to create a mood board that represented their thoughts, ideas and inspirations. She was utterly blown away by not just the depth of each person’s story, but the vast amount of variety between them. This had to be captured and shared.




The Guest Relations Team are the first and last faces you see when coming into The Chapel - and therefore Amanda wanted each GR to fully be themselves, and act as true icons of what The Chapel champions.

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