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Introducing Redken Colour Extend Sun Range

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Why is it people forget about their hair in Summer? We hear so much about skin care, spfs, full cover, (now don't get me wrong, thats VERY important) but why risk damaging the hair you've possibly paid a lot of money for, and have spent a lot of time growing?

We asked Luke, hairstylist in our Sevenoaks Salon and blow dry expert what he recommends:

As most of us colour our hair, we have to be extra cautious, as not only can the sun damage your hair like everyone else, but the warm weather can fade your beautiful locks too.

Thats where good products come in. We are raving about the new colour extend sun range from Redken. With this range you can feel confident to show off your gorgeous Redken colour without the risk of losing vibrancy and shine when on holiday.

The Science:

The shampoo is designed to gently cleanse while removing minerals, chlorine and salt from the hair obtained during swimming. It is recommended you use this after swimming to keep the hair clean and healthy. The gel-cream mask provides intense moisture to sun damaged hair. Leave this on in the evening for 5-15 minutes to replenish dry hair (Perfect for a glass of vino on the balcony!). These two products are essentials for your next holiday.

Styling in the Sun:

If you want to have ultimate protection in the day, with added volume, while relaxing by the pool or at the beach then Redkens take cover mousse with an SPF 25 is a must. It not only protects your hair from the sun, but also your scalp and smells gorgeous. It's smells so good that one of our own guests was asked on holiday what perfume she was wearing, and it turns out the smell was Redkens take cover mousse!

And remember:

Your hair is just as important as your skin when coming to protecting it from the sun so remember to slip slop slap.

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