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So long, Ombré: when to wear your natural growth with pride

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Ombré generally refers to the gradual transition of a darker shade to a lighter shade, and has become one of the most asked for colouring techniques in salons globally. It's been around for quite a while now and there's no sign of it disappearing any time soon.  Many women are continuing to opt for ombré as it requires little maintenance, and looks effortless and chic when done right.

Whilst in the past, regrowth was frowned upon, adopting this ombré look has helped it become socially acceptable to grow your bleached tresses out into your natural shade. Getting an ombré look doesn't necessarily require a 4 hour hairdressing appointment, it can be as simple as letting your regrowth grow out, and your natural highlights and lowlights come through.

Here are our pointers on when we think you should ditch the dye and embrace your natural regrowth:

Your hair is over-processed

You're not alone here. This happens to the best of us, even if we are really taking care of our hair. With regular bleaching, drying and straightening, our hair ends up more stressed than we get when we pay for something on card, and it takes a little longer than usual to approve.

Over-processed hair can result in breakage, and as ombré generally requires bleach, and prior colouring may have put stress on your hair, every once in a while, it's good to give your hair a break. While you may not be booking hair appointments to get your hair dyed, you should still be getting regular trims and treating yourself to protein and moisture rich treatments.

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Stacie DaPonte

You want a low maintenance style

The best thing about letting your natural colour grow out into an ombré look is how easy it is to maintain. Whether you go into your hairdresser for a root stretch (dying the section of hair closest to your roots to blend your dyed hair with your regrowth), or you just let your regrowth grow out, you should still book yourself in for the occasional gloss or treatment and get regular trims to keep your hair in the best condition possible.

An ombré beach-blonde (starting out as dark blonde, or a light brown) is the perfect colour for summer, as it works perfectly with salty beach waves, but can also look super polished slicked back into a bun.

You're preparing your hair for a big change

A big change, whether that be of colour or style, will always look best when your hair is at its healthiest. Over-processed hair will leave a new colour or style looking inconsistent, and may cause breakage if you don't transition to your new colour or style correctly. Any good hairdresser will tell you that a big change requires time, and sometimes, multiple appointments, but it will definitely be worth it in the long run.

Your natural hair will take a lot better to hair dye and ensure the most consistent, and true to colour application. If you're planning on making a big hair change, try growing out your regrowth and getting regular trims to ensure that your hair is in the best condition possible: that way you'll most definitely get your money's worth when you splash out for a new do.

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Top tips for embracing your natural regrowth

And finally, some takeaway tips for getting your ombré on, to make sure you do it right:

To avoid visible bands of hair dye, your lengths should be 2-3 shades lighter than your roots. If your roots are substantially darker than your lengths (go you for putting up with that maintenance), opt for a root stretch to ensure that your roots are blended into your lengths. This will help you avoid a visible start point for your regrowth. For those of us that have been dying our hair for years, this will definitely help with the transition.

If letting your natural hair grow out is looking a little too much like harsh dip dye, get some highlights to help encourage a natural blend from your dyed hair to your natural regrowth. The thinner the highlights, the better, as it will look more natural and subtle.

Use a toning shampoo to match the tone of your lengths to your roots. This will make your lightened ends look more natural and aid the blending process.

Want to learn more about all things ombré? Check out what our experts had to say about balayage and dip dye, or come along to one of our salons and chat to us in person about the best ombré option for you.  

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