The Peak Of Chic - Celebrating The Launch Of The Chapel Verbier

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When it comes to bringing our unique brand of salon experience to potential guests, our dedicated staff proving that there 'ain't no mountain high enough'. Now one of our key stylists, Jemma Barwick, has made the point quite literally, by launching our very latest salon, 1500m above sea level, in the heart of the glamorous Swiss ski-resort of Verbier.

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Our newest salon is based within the boutique spa of the luxurious five-star W Hotel, and as our very first international venture, we couldn't be more thrilled to be opening is such extraordinary and exclusive surroundings. Verbier itself has a long-standing reputation as one of the world's greatest 'off-piste' resorts, and during the winter season it plays hosts to a jet-set cocktail of professional skiers, A-list celebrities and European royalty.

As a true snow-lover as well as a truly talented stylist, Jemma has been at the centre of a blizzard of popular demand since joining our flagship Tunbridge Wells salon in 2010. Having married her husband, a professional ski instructor, and agreeing that they wanted to break the usual 9-to-5 mold, the couple decided to take the plunge and move to the Verbier region earlier this year.

"We're living in Le Chable just below Verbier," Jemma explains. "It's a great year-round community and there's as much to do around here in summer as in winter. We love the buzz of Verbier in the peak winter months, especially during The World Freeride Tour hosted here annually, but the scenery in summer is just as spectacular, there's plenty of hiking and Lake Geneva is only forty minutes away."

Yet as keen as she was for this enviable fresh start, Jemma couldn't bear to leave The Chapel brand behind, and so the snowball of an idea gradually began to gain momentum.

"I was really looking forward to coming out here" she says, "yet I was equally sad to think of leaving The Chapel behind after four fantastic years, until it finally struck me that as a resort, Verbier actually offers the same exclusive, tailor-made experience as our salons, and would be a perfect location to extend the brand into!"

It's seems the slalom poles of fate then aligned when W-Verbier, one of the latest and most luxurious hotels in the uber-chic W-Hotel chain, offered a concession in the centre of their boutique spa.

"It's a fabulous place to work from" enthuses Jemma, " and the hotel itself is right at the heart of Verbier, so we couldn't be in a better position."

However, in another first for the brand, The Chapel Verbier's services don't end at the foyer door. "Taking into account our unique surroundings, I will also be offering guests who can't reach us the opportunity to enjoy our salon experience within private chalets and suites throughout the area encompassing Verbier, Le Chable, Bruson and Versegeres," Jemma explains, "and to do this I'll be taking to the road in our fully branded, 4-wheel drive Land Rover, which has to be the smartest mobile hairdressing vehicle anywhere in Europe!"

With The Chapel Vebier's suite of services launching on December 1st, we wish Jemma the very best of luck, even though we know it will be her talent and tenacity that allow our latest venture to scale even greater heights!

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