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There’s Hair Everywhere In 2015!

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Welcome to 2015 people! It's way past time to peel ourselves from the Christmas couch, suck in our stomachs and blink brightly into the year ahead. And when it comes to what the future holds for our hair

over the next twelve months, the one thing we've come to realise at The Chapel, is that we're living in an age where anything goes, and the new queen of style is simply confidence.

Once upon a time, trends that filtered down from the catwalk blossomed into full-blown fashion movements adopted by nearly all, and hairstyling went through regular cycles of 'must have' cuts. These days however, what the taste-makers offer seems to serve merely as inspirational  suggestion, rarely taking hold in the mainstream to the same ubiquitous extent. Maybe it's down to our visually supersaturated, semi-virtual new world, so full of Instagram selfies that there's no real room for potential icons to flourish - or maybe just having more choice than we could have possibly imagined even two decades ago has fostered our free spirits. However, one thing's for certain - the days when everybody wanted a 'Lady Di do' regardless of age or face shape, or a 'Rachael cut' regardless of gender are long gone.

So for 2015 it's out with the old - and in with the bold! And to illustrate just where the year may be heading, we've identified an interesting practice that seems to be gaining momentum and which, although it appears startling initially, on reflection, encapsulates 2015s new hair fearlessness.

It may well have begun with Madonna back in March 2014, when the 56 year-old material girl posted a selfie brazenly displaying an armpit replete with orange orangutan tufts. And although we all know there isn't much Madge won't do to turn a few heads her way, the new phenomenon of 'pit-posing' selfies cemented itself into alternative beauty trend later in November with a post by Seattle hairdresser Roxie Hunt, proudly displaying pictures of a co-worker, whose armpits she had dyed blue to match her alt-girl long bob.

There then came back a host of shared photos of other women with colourful pits, and before she knew it Roxie was at the vanguard of 'free your pits', a movement about alternative feminine expression that now has a tumblr devoted to its cause, the #dyedpits on Instagram and #freeyourpits on twitter, all featuring more and more women answering the call of the 'free your pits' manifesto, as devised by Roxie below.

'Whether you shave or not, women should be allowed to make decisions about their bodies without judgement from others. And, women making these decisions about their bodies should not be something exploited by the media. What we need is encouragement, not judgment. We greatly appreciate this opportunity to discuss how important it is to be true to yourself and to love your body, but we also recognize that women making conscious decisions about themselves should not in any way be shocking. We aim to normalize the concept of body hair on women and help others embrace their own if they so choose.'


And when you put it like that, you realise that this new mentality could well be at the heart of what molds our fashion trends through 2015 and beyond, as networks of confident, brave, individualists prepare to challenge all our lazy preconceptions, of beauty and beyond. And if that doesn't brighten up the outlook for a grey January, then a set of magenta dyed, ribbon-hung armpits is always another option.

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