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Our Favourite 4 Products to Get Winter Ready Hair

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We talk a lot about how to get your hair ready for Summer, but not about Winter. Again, it's a massive change in the season and we need to prepare our hair in the best way. Instead of protecting our hair from direct sunlight, we need to protect it from the havoc ( and I mean havoc) of Winter weather.

Winter means cold weather. Fact. But going from freezing cold to indoor central heating can and wearing hats and scarves, we need to look after our hair.

The After Summer Hair Cut

September sees our appointment book get very busy and for good reason. Guests come to see our London Hair stylists for their after Summer hair cut. Beach, sun, festivals, days in the park and long lovely nights means hair can end up damaged. A nice trim is the best way to get your hair ready to go into winter and prevent further damage when the change of weather arrives. We also see a huge change in trends from Summer to Winter. Summer brings out the boho in us, but Winter sees a return to strong and chic styles.

The After Summer Colour

While April- June is full of floating beachy waves, September sees us go deeper into our tones. And we just love it. Coppers and reds, are as always, going to be huge this year, so keep it deep.

Autumn Hair Care

As we've said, we tend to go for a darker colour for Winter, so make sure your shampoo is colour friendly. We recommend REDKEN Colour Extend.

The affects of the winter climate means our hair needs moisture. We recommend going to see your stylist for their professional recommendation, but off the top of our heads, we run to our old faithful, REDKEN Real Control. Leave it on as long for an hour or so once a week to keep your hair moisturised.

Taking hats on and off can give you so much static, so to avoid use Shu Uemura Sheer Laquer. 

There's a reason people LOVE hair serum, and it's not just for the shine. They can add moisture to your locks too. Try Kerastase Elixir Ultime, as it has  Argan Oil, famed for its nourishing benefits. 

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