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Trending: Roman gladiator inspired cuts and styles

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With summer arriving in such dramatic fashion over the past few months then hiding throughout August, summertime attire is still out in full force: with none more trendy right now than the wonderfully versatile gladiator sandal.

The gladiator look isn't just for ancient Romans: perhaps back in those days they were somewhat of a practicality, but us lucky Brits get to champion them as the centrepiece for a spectrum of gladiator-inspired styles.

So whether you're sporting knee, ankle, or heel-high gladiator sandals, here's some ideas for how you can pull off a spade of summery looks with ease and class.


This massively popular style was embraced by designers Stella McCartney, Chloe, and Valentino at this year's Paris Fashion Week. Simplicity is queen when it comes to bohemian style, and the gladiator sandal is no different. Tan coloured sandals with thin straps delicately weaving their way up your knee is the go-to style this summer. Pair this with a vintage, long tunic dress that colourfully showcases Native American tribal patterns and you will be one hell of a boho girl. Let your hair flow down with this one: let it go wild and free.

If you really want to go full boho-chic, then why not go all out with the bohemian bun? There are plenty of ways to  chase that 'just got out if bed like this' look: think messy updo's and side buns, with loose strands waving down the sides of your face, to create the perfect complement to your outfit and complete your bohemian look for the summer.

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s Maegan Tintari

And then, you could even opt for a hair colour change to match your sandals, to create a total 'blended' look, and accessorise with a funky head scarf or headband that can be braided into your flowing hair.


Here's a style favoured by Alexander McQueen that can't help but turn heads. Whereas the bohemian gladiator sandals are much more elegant with their thin straps, the warrior look comprises of heavier strapping, and a more complex design. Black is the colour to go for here, and will match with either a short dress or mini-skirt if you desire the knee high sandals, or a hip-hugging long dress should you prefer the ankle or heel high sandals, or even vice-versa: it really depends on your leg shape. Either way, you will be looking ready for battle!

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Geneva Vanderzeil

Not ones to do things by halves, here at The Chapel, we're keen to fully channel that warrior vibe. Why not slick back your hair tight into a ponytail, to accentuate your sharp features? Alternatively, the most popular hairstyle for current 'warrior princess' styles is the strikingly intricate fishtail braid, and celebrities such as Amber Heard and Olivia Palermo are currently nailing this style down, with braids that fall across one of their shoulders. Why this style is so popular at the moment could be down to that mega-bucks Disney film 'Frozen': who doesn't want to be thought of as an Elsa lookalike in the eyes of their daughters or nieces? Fishtail braids can be worn down or up (with the braid coming across the frontal part of the head), and it's perfectly acceptable at either fancy get-togethers, or even just casual events. The reason being? It's a winning look this season.

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Maegan Tintari

If you really want to stand out with a warrior presence though, then you only have to look as far as Amanda Seyfried at this summer's premiere of 'Ted 2'. She took on this look by sporting half-up, and half-down cornrows, along with a Greco-Romanesque short black dress with matching black gladiator sandal inspired heels (it's the red carpet - heels are a must). It's safe to say she really pulled it off.


For all gladiator sandals can do to make you look like a badass, or a super-cool trendy hipster, they can also define you as an elegant leading lady, and where best to show this style off than at formal happenings -Valentino showcased how elegant the sandals can be at the Paris fashion week. Depending on your evening event, your choice of sandal can make or break your outfit. Formal occasions such as fancy dinners and balls call for flowing gowns, and both midi and maxi dresses. These typically fall below the knee line, so by pairing the dress with ankle high sandals you can show off your legs, and not take away the impact of the dress.

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coka, Shutterstock

As with the bohemian style, try matching your hair colour with the colour of your sandals. However, on these occasions you want to stand out as the showstopper in the room. So, try out a pair of two-toned, ankle high sandals, and match your hair colour accordingly. Together with an elegant dress of a colour not too dissimilar, you will be certain to wow the crowd. Yet, we still need the hairstyle. Here, the ombre hairstyle shouts elegance and sophistication, all at the same time. Depending on what your current hair colour is, you want to blend it down into a shade that compliments your natural colour: think brunette into a deep red, or blonde into caramel. Subtle transitions are key, as this will act as the perfect foil for your leading lady style.

This style is frequently worn by celebs such as Jessica Biel, Selma Hayek, and Margot Robbie. It's easy to see why so many enjoy the style because, like the gladiator sandals, it's extremely versatile. It works with long, shoulder-length, and short hairstyles, with each giving off the same effect. Yet, perhaps the best thing about ombre style is that even though it's magnificent to show off at a formal event, it's equally as glorious when let loose on a sunny beach this summer.

So, what are you waiting for ladies? The gladiator sandal can inspire some truly great cuts this summer. Find your nearest salon and come into chat to one of our stylists and see what they can do for you.

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