What Did 2018 Mean To The Chapel Hairdressers - Sevenoaks?

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We asked Dawn Oliver tell us what 2018 brought The Chapel Sevenoaks and what it’s meant to her...

What did 2018 mean to your team at The Chapel Sevenoaks?

2018 has been a year of growth on many levels. We have grown one baby and are growing two more, so we have had a lovely nurturing year. This change in the salon has meant we need to grow our adult team. Warmest welcome to Victoria, Micheal and Sasha joining us this year, we also have Jemma joining us early in 2019. We are a very close team so it is always lovely to welcome new team members and even more great to welcome back our existing ones.

What are you most proud of about your team?

I consider myself to be very lucky with my team. We are a real mix of personalities but the overwhelming essence of the team is that everyone cares, like any job there are "normal" days where not a lot happens, life can't be all rock and roll but the team manage to retain their passion no matter what. I have ultimate confidence in all of them, this was put to the test this year when I was out of action for 3 months and everyone completely pulled together, enabling me to concentrate on what I needed to, knowing the salon was in safe hands.

What is the biggest movement in your team that our guest would find interesting to read about their visit?

We give any big salon changes a lot of thought; will it work for the guests and will it work for the team? Sometimes it’s trial and error, it’s always good to listen to everyone and adapt if needed. We took the plunge this year to remove our front desk. This means we have more space in our reception area and our fabulous GRs/hosts Vernon and Paul could become much more mobile, so all of our technology became unplugged! Laptops, cordless phones giving us flexibility and independence, taking us further away from the traditional idea of a reception area. We also welcomed Hayley into our team, Hayley came from a government work experience initiative and we loved her so much we kept her on! At the moment Hayley helps us Fridays and Saturdays, but she is studying hairdressing so watch this space...

What are your wishes for your guests for 2019?

I wish for our existing and new guests happy hair for 2019, the team are striving to educate our guests on how to get the most out of their products, tools and techniques. I completely understand some of the frustrations of trying to get an appointment (more so when we were still recruiting new stylists), so alongside 3 extra stylists we have also added another late night to our week, Wednesdays and are also opening at 8:15 Saturday mornings. This will keep the salon environment as relaxing as possible and more choice for availability.

What are your wishes for you and your team for 2019?

My wishes for the team in 2019 is to grow, follow their career dreams, be happy and enjoy their work-life balance! We are very keen at The Chapel for our teams to see their time with us as a career, not simply a job. So we need to spend time listening, encouraging and looking after their career goals.

What is it you love most about being you in The Chapel team?

For medical reasons, I have had some time away from The Chapel this past year and it has given me a chance to step back and watch the team. Coming back has shown me how amazing they all are, thoughtful, caring and really funny! For me there is no better reward for what I do than being in the salon on a really busy day when we are all rushing around, in a really calm way, obviously, still having that brilliant banter with each other that shows itself so well when there is that bit of pressure, we support each other. There is always time for humour and care and that's what makes teamwork so important. I have the privilege to be part of a genuinely amazing team and each and every one of us are pulling together to grow The Chapel Sevenoaks.

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