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We asked James Thompson (Also known as Oliver) to tell us what 2018 brought The Chapel Islington and what it’s meant to him...

What did 2018 mean to your team at The Chapel Islington?

2018 meant has been such a great year for the team, with many new faces it’s been amazing to see them grow in both busyness and the expert training with Sally, Beckie and Tom, which they’re grateful for. The team have been far and wide with their rest/ travel time with the holidays The Chapel give, for example; Kim experiencing Burning Man (it’s worth looking up!), Dean completing a certification in yoga in Thailand, Karlene travelled the USA,  and Daniel travelled Thailand. Kim has also had some amazing bloggers and famous YouTubers in and the response has been huge.  

What are you most proud of about your team?

I am super-proud of the hard work my team strive to do every day. From start to finish they listen to their guests' needs and wants, advise and tailor their hair to them. You can see how happy and comfortable the guest feels within the salon and that is such an amazing thing to see. To see someone content and then to be transformed and results of smiles on both the stylists’ and the guests’ faces is amazing.

What is the biggest movement in your team that our guest would find interesting to read about their visit?

I think the biggest movement is how the team have really come together after The Chapel has faced some recent changes and challenges. After Mark went to lead new exciting chapters down in The Chapel Horsham, Islington has a new core leader (I’m finding it hard to write about myself!) which I’m so glad it has been really positive and kept strength in the team. The salon faced a devastating flood in October, but everyone has been so amazing by going that extra mile for the guests to give them The Chapel experience whilst maintenance work was completed. Lynne and Lucy have also returned home which is wonderful to have such assets back!

What are your wishes for your guests for 2019?

My wishes are for all of our Chapel guests are to be happy and have beautiful hair and to thank you all for your loyalty throughout 2018. You are what the team come to work for, you are what makes The Chapel a beautiful place to work.

What are your wishes for you and your team for 2019?

My wishes are for us to laugh every day, create beautiful hair and spend time with the people we love.

What is it you love most about being you in The Chapel team?

I love that you’re allowed to be yourself, we’re one big family that support each other through anything that life throws at us. The opportunities I have had within the company to grow have been amazing, yes it’s hard work, but you get out of life what you put in. You can create your own destiny on so many different levels whether it’s creative or management skills. Here’s to next year!

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