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Our creative stylist AJ Maud has roots spread across the UK, Florida, and Boston, and is now currently resides in Brighton. AJ has expanded his fashion portfolio across America and Europe with his work featuring in many magazines and even televised segments for both Chronicle and Style Boston. Other than his love for hairdressing, AJ also has a passion for music and used to be a DJ. If he’s not busy in the salon, you’ll probably find AJ enjoying the sunshine or immersing himself in an outdoor sport such as snowboarding or surfing.

“What we think, we become”. Was AJ’s chosen words of inspiration and he himself is living proof of his own statement. This month we are bringing to you a special episode in our ‘who’s behind the chair’ series. AJ  has recently made it to the grand finals of L’Oreal Colour Trophy Awards for the Men’s Award category. We thought there was no better time to get to know AJ and his story better. So, here it is!

How did you start your hairdressing journey?

I started hairdressing about twelve years ago when I was in Boston. I sort out fell into it. Before that I was introduced to it by a girl I dated who showed me a few things. I was at a sort of crossroads and wanted to give it a shot. I’ve been doing it ever since!

Did you train in Boston? How did you find it?

Yes, I was living in Boston and I trained there. I began my career as a hairstylist at G2O and stayed longer than 5 years. I was then at Mizu for a further 4 years. I then relocated to Los Angeles to grow my career as a senior stylist. I was self-employed in a salon. It was great. I think it is impossible to get through a hairdressing career without learning from others along the way. I can honestly say you learn something from every single person you work with. I still remember tips and tricks from the first salon I trained in. I believe if you aren’t learning and taking things away from people you are surrounded with, its time to move on.

We definitely agree! How did you end up coming to London?

My girlfriend and I had been doing long distance for a long time. We met at her cousin’s wedding who was marrying my best friend. It got the point where we decided one of us had to move to the other. As I have always had a dual citizenship for the UK and America and my girlfriend was from the UK, it seemed right that I moved here.

How are you enjoying London so far?

My time in London has been a whirlwind so far. I actually live in Brighton with my girlfriend, so I don’t spend that much time here. We bought a house there and are expecting a baby very soon. If the baby is late, they may make an appearance on the L’Oreal Colour Trophy Grand Final on 4th June! So I am expecting to be very tired.

What brought you to The Chapel?

Basically, when I first moved here I was researching places to work and everything I saw and read about The Chapel sounded amazing. It gave me a really good vibe, similar to the salon I worked in LA. It definitely had an ethos and a way of working that I felt comfortable with. So, I came in and had an interview with Mark.

What do you like most about working at The Chapel?

The Chapel gives stylists more time to be with the client and we don’t leave their hair in somebody else's hands at any stage in the process. It always us to provide a consistent experience. You are always shampooing, toning it or anything else you think is necessary to achieve the hair of their dreams.

How do you feel about charging by the time?

I think working this way benefits guests as they get more time for less money than anywhere else that books by service. It is better than constantly thinking ‘do I charge for this? And this?’. It always us to provide a fairer experience overall.

What message do you wish you could share with all your guests?

The best thing you can do is take care of your hair as it’s the only accessory you can’t take off!

We certainly agree! To book in with AJ at our Islington salon, please get in touch with our Guest Relations team here. Find out more about AJ’s competition journey here and keep up with his work via Instagram.

Explore the rest of our blog for more hair tips and tricks and stay tuned to our blog for more Who’s Behind The Chair next month!

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