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Decorated in distinct tattoos, including a full back-piece depicting an owl, stylist Jade Mower knows exactly how to express herself through style. Although she began her Chapel career at Tunbridge Wells, Jade’s a Marlow girl at heart. Now a resident stylist at Marlow, we’ve been eager for Jade to bring bundles of her artistic creativity into our new salon. We wanted to get to know more about our new stylist, so we had a chat with Jade to find out more about her story.

How did you first get into hairdressing Jade?

I’ve always had a creative flair and love to make my artistic side more visible. Tattoos are one way I express myself. I have quite a lot of them now including the start of a sleeve and some on my legs. The idea of helping other people to express themselves outwardly has always appealed to me. Hairdressing gave me the perfect medium to do this. As far as inspiration, my mum was a hairdresser. Growing up I would always watch her going round to clients, making people feel good about themselves. So when I left school, I trained from a junior through HOB Salons. But then I fell into a bit of a comfort zone and I felt that there was nothing more out there in terms of development — until I found The Chapel.

What drew you towards working at The Chapel?

A friend of mine told me about the opening in Marlow. I immediately applied to The Chapel because it’s a salon where they give you the time to be creative and listen to guests. This gives you a better vision of what they're going for when working with a guest. One of the main factors that play into this is the people you work around at The Chapel. Having worked both in Tunbridge Wells and now Marlow, I can say that the creative environment at The Chapel is like no other. You really get the opportunity to bounce ideas off of each other, and everyone is so supportive that you feel really confident in your work and your creativity.

Is there anything that makes Marlow particularly unique?

I would say that the location of the Marlow salon is pretty unique. Marlow has a beautiful country setting, which makes it the perfect location for a relaxing salon. Outside it’s so peaceful and serene and it’s really reflected on the inside. The town has such a fresh and positive atmosphere. There are always events going on, regattas in the summer and markets during Christmas run-up. There’s not really a better place to unwind as you can completely be immersed in a relaxing atmosphere.

Are there any trends emerging in hairdressing that you really love?

I think people are more open to having bright, bold colours which are always really fun and exciting to recreate as a stylist. This is mainly due to people being influenced by social media, with things like highlighter hair and unconventional colours being seen on more high-profile celebrities and influencers. But as well as these vibrant looks, they are also being scaled-down to be made more wearable on a day-to-day basis. Trends like hidden colours and soft areas of colour are really popular right now because they give you that expression but in more of a muted, everyday style. In general, I think there is a move towards more low maintenance colour that looks fashionable but has minimal upkeep. Free-lights and freehand colouring definitely fall into this.

Where would you say you get most of your inspiration from?

Part of my inspiration comes from online. Living in a digital era, it's hard not to be influenced by the images you see on social media or online magazines because its what informs the trends at the time. On the other hand, I find inspiration in the guest themselves. Sometimes I’ll just look at someone and immediately have an idea on what would suit them best. It might be something as simple as a pattern on their clothing, the language they speak, or if their style is particularly quirky or bubbly. All of these things help us as stylists to understand the kind of person you are, and the looks you tend to go for. The most important thing is to make sure that the style fits in with their individual look, so taking inspiration from the things that make someone unique is always the best option.

Come and visit Jade on her creative journey and pop in to see her at our brand new Marlow salon. For more insights into the stylists behind our Chapel chairs, take a look at our blog.

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