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Who's Behind The Chair? Q & A with Kim Lomax

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With a bubblegum pink bob and a huge smile, Kim definitely carries a wave of positive energy wherever she goes. Born in South Africa, with a love of the countryside, the beach and the sunshine, it could be said that Kim is a little far away from her natural habitat. Now residing in Whitechapel East London, our self-professed ‘hippie’ girl is thriving in our Islington salon. We have sat down with Kim to find out more about her story. So, who really is behind the chair?

Tell us a little about your hairdressing story?

I knew from the age of four that I wanted to be a hairdresser. After finishing school at sixteen, I went straight into an apprenticeship. I was trained by mostly ex-Sassoon stylists and have always loved the precision that they taught me. It was an amazing start to my career and my boss was an incredible man. Almost like a second father to me. At the age of 23, I left Guildford and came up to London to work for one of the big salons.

It sounds like you learnt a lot from your training. What drew you to London?

Even though I am more of a nature girl at heart, I always knew I wanted to work in London. You can walk down the street and no one knows who you are. You can be whoever you want to be. After moving into the city, I tried working for a big company but didn’t like its values. I soon found The Chapel and stayed here for around four and a half years. It was then my time for travelling!

Wow, where did you travel? It must have been hard returning to London!

I travelled alone for a year, spending about 11 months in South East Asia, then some time in Australia and Hawaii. I nearly didn’t come home as I was training to be a divemaster. Not only this, I loved walking around barefoot all the time and living on the most beautiful beaches. It was so hard returning back to London, but I was given the opportunity to retrain and working for my lifelong idols, Sassoon! My time there was incredible and it completely changed the way I saw shapes and textures in people’s hair. It was definitely the hardest move in my career but also the greatest.

LOVE CURLS! @thechapelplace

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How did you end up back at The Chapel?

Although I loved every second of my time at Sassoon, it takes over your lifestyle and you don’t get five minutes to yourself. I met my boyfriend and I didn’t want to give up our weekends. I came back to The Chapel after and was relieved at how much time you have with each guest to do your work properly.

Is the ‘time’ ethos what originally drew you to The Chapel?

It’s definitely the time and the way you work that is awesome here. The attention to detail is inspiring here. You really have the time to listen to your guests and get to know them as individual people. The Chapel experience is so different from my previous jobs where we were expected to do precision jobs in just 40 minutes. Charging by the time was such a new concept for me. When I share with other professionals in the industry they are always really shocked by the way we work here. Charging by the time is a fairer way to work for both the guest and the stylist. It allows us to give a proper tailored service to each guest.

Wonderful hair to work with πŸ˜‰ @sorelleamore

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What do you enjoy doing in London in your spare time?

There is no such thing as spare time in London! But when I do get the chance, I spend my time doing yoga. I am a massive yoga bunny and practice in Soma Spitalfields. It is a wooden studio that has candles, wooden decor and even a water feature. It has the details spot on - which is completely my thing. I also love to cook. My favourite cuisine is South Asian. Everything is light, fresh and full of flavour. It’s fair to say I am a massive foodie!

Kim is also achieving her lifetime goal this year by heading to Burning Man festival in Black Rock Desert Nevada -- we can’t wait to see what hairstyle she goes for. To keep up with Kim and her work follow her Instagram here. To book in with Kim or one of our other stylists at Islington, contact our guest relations team here.

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