Why am I scared of getting my haircut?

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We have so many guests who come to visit us who have a huge phobia of coming to the hairdressers. For those who love a visit, they are thinking "how can you be scared of the hairdressers" but for us in our Sevenoaks Hairsalon, we completely understand. Fear of the Hairdressers, or Weaslaphobia, as its officially known is more common than you think. At our Hairdressers in Sevenoaks, and the other Chapel salons, we work pretty hard to make it a comfortable and inviting space for everyone, both team and customers.

Why are people scared of the Hairdressers?

You are putting your image and self confidence in someone else's hands. What if they don't get what you're saying? What if they think your ideas are silly and impossible. If you don't "click" with your hairstylist, don't see them. Its that simple.

For this reason, we do consultations. There are occasions where your hair ideas won't work (for example, its just impossible if you've been dying your hair black for 10 years and want to go blonde, it will be no easy feat) but its up to the stylist to explain this in detail to you.

Secondly, the salon situation can be intimidating. All those mirrors, loud music and stylists swanning around, fritting between their customers. You can feel like a teeny clog in their day. Remember, this is your time in the salon and make the most of it. We charge by time, and this ensures you are with the same stylist from start to finish.

How do I Overcome?

Remember that Hairdressers do understand. Take your time and explain your issues. Get your stylist to completely explain what they are going to do and the expected results. Don't put the health of your hair above your fear. You will find the right one for you.

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