A balancing act: choosing the right cut for square faces


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The Chapel, London

This is often an envied face shape, but like all face shapes, there are a few of factors to consider when choosing your next hair style. It is certainly true that a stylish cut can change the appearance and complement your face shape. So we’re here with some advice for those of you with square face shapes, whether you want to highlight your angles with some cheeky bangs, or round some of them off. Your face, your rules!

Finding your face shape

Are you unsure what shape group you belong to? Your jaw shape is an overall indicator of face shape, so deciding whether your jaw is rounded, pointed or square is a great start. A common feature of the square shape is a fabulous striking or angular jaw. If you’re still unsure whether you’re in the square party or not, check out where your face is most wide; is it your forehead, cheekbones or jaw? If they’re all an equal width apart, you’re probably square or rectangular. The equal distance from the jaw to the cheekbones to the forehead is a trademark feature. You could also grab an eyeliner and a mirror (or a photograph) and trace the general outline of your face to give yourself a better idea.

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Adding height! A guest from The Chapel, London by Luke Gilbert

Adding height or laying low

If you’re wanting to change the balance of your square face shape, playing with height can have a dramatic impact. If you’re searching for a cut to flatter your bone structure, just add height!
For example, adding volume and length with textured curls falling below the jawline will elongate your face and complement your structure whilst subtly diffusing the appearance of a square face.

On the other hand, you can accentuate the angles of your faces with an ultra flat look. An asymmetrical cut such as an angled bob can also work a treat at elongating your face shape. This cut becomes shorter at the back with longer locks framing the face. Adding height or laying low are fun ways to change your look! Both styles allow you to show off your strong bone structure in whatever way you would prefer.

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Beautiful texturised bob by Luke Gilbert, The Chapel London

Keeping it banging

It’s often said that there is no other face shape that suits bangs quite as well as the square face. There tends to be a standard advice to keep your fringe soft to soothe the harshness of angles. Opting for softer tousled bangs, which fall more dishevelled than other straighter fringes, can divert attention away from an angular jaw.

Also, it is often said that to round off your angles, cutting in some bangs is a quick and easy way to achieve the appearance of a rounder face shape. Side bangs and square faces are a dream combination, as their positioning almost works as contouring, adding curve break up those squarer lines.

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Our superbly talented stylist Gigi in our London salon. Hair by Kim Lomax

Parting Ways

Those with squarer faces are often warned away from middle partings, as they are said to exaggerate the harshness of the angular dimensions. Even if you’re wanting to soften your angles, don’t rule out a middle parting completely! Adding a soft sweeping fringe (still parted in the middle) can provide the balance you’re seeking.

Whether you have a fringe or not, an off-centre parting plays with the overall perception of your face shape, but don’t go too deep with your part, as this may add more angles. Unless you want them of course; as we said, your hair, your rules!

Your face shape doesn’t have to rule any haircut out, but it will change your perception of it; you’ll prefer some haircuts on some face shapes more than others. This is why at The Chapel, we offer a creative workshop where we allow you to try on a variety of wigs to give you the chance to see how different haircuts look with your own face shape. We’ll be on hand with our expert advice and to help you decide what haircut will give you the look that works best for you. This is a unique experience that really helps you understand your face shape, hair type and what would work best for you moving forward. Do get in contact to find out more.

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