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With such busy lifestyles, it can be hard to find time to look after and keep your hair looking great —it’s virtually impossible. When even a ‘textured bedhead’ look seems involves a whole lot of products and styling tools, you may be left feeling a little confused and flustered over why such a casual style requires so much effort. But, maintaining great hair and a flattering style is achievable, with the help of a low maintenance hair routine. Not only will it make you feel and look your best, but it will soon become an effortless part of your everyday life. With this in mind, here is our guide to on how to construct the perfect routine to suit your hair and lifestyle. 

Going back to basics

Let’s start with the basics. A quality shampoo and conditioner are essential to an efficient low maintenance hair routine, but with so many options on the market, it can be incredibly confusing to get a combination that works with your hair type. Mix and match ranges, tailoring products to suit your hair’s needs. Consider your hair type, thickness, dryness, and colour to help you decide on the correct formula combination for you. Each week put aside an evening for a deep conditioning treatment as a time of pamper and relaxation for your hair and mind. Try out different ways to wash, such as co-washing which is using a conditioner only and skipping the shampoo. This is a preferred method for those with thick or curly hair as sometimes this hair type can be drier, and therefore needs additional moisture. If you have fine hair, try ‘reverse washing’. This is where conditioner is applied before shampoo. Many with thin fine hair find that conditioners can weigh down locks and be too heavy, so this option helps add condition and cleanse the hair, whilst still allowing it to retain natural volume. If you find your hair is particularly dry and damaged, look for a leave-in conditioning spray you can use on damp hair to air dry. Conditioning and styling hair, this will help to save time whilst also protecting your locks.

If you are guilty of building up products when styling hair, strip your hair of additional build up with by a cleansing shampoo once a week. This will prevent the hair from becoming dull and ensure your hair is rid of any external pollutants. Organise a product swap with friends to get rid of anything that may have been bought on impulse, but is simply not suitable for your hair: it’s budget friendly way to discover new products that might suit your lifestyle perfectly.

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Tailor to your lifestyle

If you love going to the gym, or exercising regularly you may find you’ve fallen into a routine of washing your hair daily. This can strip your locks of essential oils and make hair appear greasy and dull. One easy way to freshen hair after a trip to the gym is to spray dry shampoo directly to your roots, and then blowdry on a cool setting.

If you always find yourself going impromptu after work drinks, gatherings, or social events, it’s always a good idea to have a back catalogue of quick styles which can transform your office look. Up do’s are a great day-to-evening style: simply twist the hair and pin away from the face, finishing with a spritzing with some strong hold hairspray. When getting ready for an evening out, remove pins and shake out hair. Rake through with fingers to avoid causing frizz and add a little shine spray for a simple, no heat beach wave style. Daytime plaits also deliver a similarly versatile finish, that can be easily let loose to reveal effortless waves.

Keeping a few handy hair accessories in your office drawer can make the difference between a plain pony and statement style. Adding a slide or band to a bun or ponytail will dress up a simple style for an evening or more formal occasion, and can be great at hiding roots in need of a colour touch up.

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Ask the experts

When it comes to low maintenance, the quality of your cut will make all the difference. A great cut that suits hair texture will prevent you from needing to style excessively with heat or waste precious time in getting the perfect finish. When speaking to your stylist, detail any hair traits you may have inherited such as double crowns and cowlicks— it may mean the difference between having a fussy fringe and an easy to manage mane. If you find yourself running short on time in the mornings, it may be worth reconsidering a shorter style that may need more styling than being able to put hair up quickly. Be realistic and honest with your hair type, and the time you are willing to spend styling. It’ll save a lot of hair hassle in the long run!

Low maintenance salon colour services will keep hair looking stylish without the trouble. Balayage and babylights are great services to boost natural tones, whilst low maintenance enough to avoid root regrowth and frequent salon trips. Gloss treatments applied to hair can boost colour and are quicker and less damaging to your strands than an overall colour—the perfect quick and easy pick me up for dull looking locks.

Personalising your hair care and styling routine to suit your own needs will save time, money, and ultimately keep your hair looking great and healthy. Look at instructions and advice on products as guidance, and adapt to create your own tailor-made hair care programme. For more advice on the best hair care routine for you, explore our expert articles or get in touch with one of our friendly stylists.

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