Hairstyling Tips For Thin Hair: Achieving Thicker Looking Locks


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Lightweight locks are often envied by women with thick, unruly hair, but those who have thin hair know how difficult it can sometimes be to style. Constantly battling with your fine hair to achieve the look you want can be emotional, and occasionally take a toll on your self-esteem. Although there are a number of causes of thin hair, from diet and hormones down to genetics, there is a range of techniques you can use to create the appearance of fuller, bouncier-looking locks at home. We sat down with some of the expert stylists at our Chapel salons and asked them for their tried and tested styling tips for thickening up thin hair.

Create a hydrated base

Before you begin styling your fine hair, it's important that you create a great foundation. Take the time to treat your hair with a weekly mask to ensure that you have a healthy, hydrated base. Our Chapel stylists live by the Kérastase Masque Densité for thinner hair, because it's densifying properties work to thicken and revitalise your locks, without weighing them down. Protecting your hair from damage will ultimately improve the overall appearance of your hair, giving it a glossier, healthier texture before you’ve begun styling it.

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Look after your scalp

Thicker-looking locks begin at the roots. Nourishing your scalp correctly can create volume at your roots, giving your hair a natural body and bounce. Start by switching to a clarifying shampoo like the Redken Clean Maniac Shampoo to rid your scalp of excess oils that could weigh down your hair, whilst still maintaining your hair’s natural balance. Another great tip is to avoid conditioning your roots as this will only weigh them down. Instead, our experts recommend caring for your scalp with a leave-in treatment like the Kérastase Initialiste advanced scalp serum, which leaves your hair feeling thicker, shinier, and more resistant to damage.

Chop, crop or lop it off

Something you’ve probably been recommended a number of times if you have fine hair is to opt for a shorter crop. Our chapel stylist Sally Shiells agrees, urging those with thinner hair to ‘cut it!’ for a more volumized look. Ian Hampson always has a pot of Redken Aerate 08 in his kit because it is ideal for short styles in need of fullness and a lift. Just smooth this lightweight cream-mousse over damp hair, and blow dry for extra volume.

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Keep it blunt

Whichever haircut you decide on, long or short be sure to choose a blunt style with minimal layering. Our expert stylist Laura Williams states that “a lovely sharp blunt cut gives your hair illusion of being thicker”. Keeping your hair at one length gives it more body which makes it appear heavier and fuller. Although your style may be sleek and clean-cut, add some excitement with glossy highlights and rich lowlights to make the look your own.

Flip blow-drying on its head

For those with fine hair, gravity can be your best friend. Yes, styling products will always have their place on our shelf, but never underestimate the power of an upside-down blowout. Our experts recommend flipping your head upside-down and rough drying your hair using only your hands. This will lift the roots and add texture to the cuticle, creating natural volume. Once you`ve dried most of it off, flip back over, and grab a round brush to create a sleeker, smoother finish on top. Prep your locks with Redken Thickening Lotion 06 for perfectly polished styles with a weightless feel.

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Backcomb to new heights

With all this talk of thickness, it can be easy to forget that adding height to your style is one of the easiest ways to volumize your hair. Our stylists’ top tip? Boosting your roots with some good old-fashioned backcombing. Grab a fine-tooth comb, section your hair, and comb each segment downwards towards the roots to create volume. A timeless beauty technique, use with Redken’s Rootful 06 lifting spray to bring your style into the twenty-first century. Our Chapel stylists love this product because its precision nozzle makes it easy to target the roots directly, allowing you to create bouncy, salon-looking styles at home.

Create dimension using colour

While there are a number of techniques you can use at home, thicker-looking locks begin in the salon chair. Sarah Nash, a stylist at our Tunbridge-Wells salon, says that “colour is key. There are many tricks to create an illusion within a haircut to add depth. For example, creating a shadow underneath to make hair appear thicker.” Why not treat yourself to a new look and couple your darkened roots with some highlighted ends for an even more multi-dimensional look. What’s more, the ‘grown-out balayage’ has been a popular look with this season, so you can be confident that your lush locks are bang on trend.

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Adam Harvey - Vega Photography

Texture, texture, texture

The impact of using texture to thicken up your locks cannot be stated enough. Our stylish Sarah Nash lives by the Kérastase Densifique range for thinner hair, because it is specifically formulated to make fine hair appear fuller and denser. She says “it gives fine hair more texture and helps prevent hormonal hair loss.” Ideal for adding thickness to fine hair, the lightweight Densifique Densimorphose texturising mousse leaves your locks feeling instantly volumized without being left sticky or weighed down with product. Simply distribute through the hair immediately after washing, focusing the product on the ends where you`ll want to create the most volume.

Next time your lightweight looks need a bit of a boost, why try one of our expert tips to leave your hair feeling fuller, healthier and more revitalised. To hear more from our Chapel stylists, on everything from styling to colouring, take a look at our expert advice hub. Or if you can’t wait to transform your hair with us, get in touch with our guest relations team here.

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