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Beautiful middle point between ombre and balayage by Laura Clifford, The Chapel Sevenoaks

So how do you know whether you have a long face shape? If your forehead, cheeks and jawline are similar in width, you are typically classed as having a longer or oblong face shape. A longer face shape is incredibly common and means you will be able to suit a variety of styles as long as professionally cut to flatter.

If you’ve searched for hairstyle guidance online, you will have probably been bombarded with a ridiculous amount of strict rules for what to do or not do with your hair. But, this advice can be based on certain hair types and textures so may not always be the best for you to follow. With a little adjustment, you can break the rules and look great, wearing any style to suit your face shape. It’s time to forget about restrictions and focus on the style you really want. 

Image Credit:
Hair by Laura Clifford, The Chapel Sevenoaks

Image Credit:
Hair by Laura Clifford, The Chapel Sevenoaks

Say goodbye to the rules

Often those with longer face shapes are told not to wear their hair long as it will further elongate the face. However, this is not always the case. Long hair can flatter when styled to suit the individual face, for example, you might find that wearing long hair in waves and curls that start around cheek level will add width to your face. With some balayage colouring swept through the hair, this will further add to a flattering finish with bespoke highlights placed to accentuate certain features.

If you want to wear your hair long and sleek, perhaps in a swept back style add some accessories such as dramatic earrings or some edgy hair accessories to break up the curtain of hair. Ultra straight hair works well in blunt styles that add texture. Wearing long hair with a deep side parting can also balance face shape, and soften the overall look, particularly when paired with a grown out sweeping fringe that falls on the cheekbone.

If you’re feeling adventurous why not try out an above brow blunt fringe which will assist in disguising the appearance of a longer forehead as well as making a bold fashion statement. Blunt fringes flatter those with thicker hair best and it can also do wonders for emphasising your eyes. If you have fine hair go for a sexy 'piecey' fringe that mimicking a grown-out look and hangs over eyebrows as this will cut face length and shorten.

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This may be on the border of short, but nevertheless it's a beautiful example by Joel Palmer, The Chapel London

Go short

If you fancy going for a short style, you could go for a look which keeps the face framing pieces longer to pull the style down and avoid too much height at the crown. Asymmetrical styles with precision cut angles ensure facial features are highlighted and the face shape is effortlessly complimented.

Wear your hair to sit longer on the back of the neck, with perhaps some textured pieces around the ear and hairline. If you have very curly springy hair and want to go for a jaw length bob, discuss thoroughly the length would work best for you with your stylist Your cut will need to be a couple of inches longer to allow hair to spring up naturally. Unless you are willing to keep up a strong blowdry routine!

Bobs look great on longer face shapes especially when the parting is experimented with. Mix it up and flip the front half of hair over to create volume and bounce or wear it slick with a deep parting for a dramatic evening look. If your hair naturally falls into a centre parting try and adjust so it sits just slightly off centre if your aim is to soften your face shape. If you do decide to go for a shorter bob style, get your stylist to cut it to chin length to add width and flatter your face.

Layers are your friend

One trick that never gets old when attempting to adapt any haircut to suit a face shape is adding layers. Avoid going too short when layering your hair as this can add volume at the top of the head which could elongate your face further. Where possible stick to jaw and chin length to start. Layers are a great adding volume and breaking up long style so it doesn’t hang heavily.

If you find you wear your hair up often and don’t want to struggle with layers throughout, some face framing feathering can lift features. Also, look for creative ways to colour your hair to further enhance your features when combined with a clever cut. Balayage and clever colour panels hidden underneath layers can add dimension and the illusion of thickness to hair.

If you’ve been inspired to take the next step in your hair journey, get in touch with one of expert stylists to book your Chapel experience today.

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