Amanda Faith (CO-FOUNDER)

Amanda Faith (CO-FOUNDER)

As a futurist, I am always looking to evolve what we do at The Chapel to respond to the needs of our guests as lifestyles shift and demands change.

Our research has shown us that, now more than ever, women want to come back to their true selves, not just to develop their own unique hairstyle versions but also to find other new and additional ways to look after themselves and to help themselves feel good. Specifically, having spent more time at home, women have noticed the impact their environment can have on their mood and how different lifestyle choices around food, exercise and physical self-care, can massively influence their energy and how they feel about themselves.

Having spent a number of years exploring the transformational power of these factors in my own life (and gaining some additional training as a yoga teacher along the way) I am excited to launch a brand new experience for The Chapels guests in 2021. ‘How do you want to feel?’ offers you the opportunity to take time out with me to explore for yourselves not just how you want to look but how you want to feel. Each one-to-one session is fully tailored to your individual needs, focussing on the factors that most impact you and working creatively together to find new ways that can lift you up and light your fire again!

If you’re tired of feeling off-balance, sluggish in your body, uninspired by your surroundings or a bit lost with your look I would love to start a conversation with you about ‘how you want to feel’.

To find out more simply contact…. to arrange an initial telephone call.

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