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Charles Dawson (Formerly Michael Kent)
£70/hr Stylist @ Islington

Charles Dawson (Formerly Michael Kent)

"Whether you just want to refresh your look or create something magical, I will always focus on your need."

Charles' love for hairdressing was of an exceptionally early age, he tells: "As a young child, I never had a good haircut and I cut my hair myself when I was 6 years old. I was obsessed with how someone can express themselves through their aesthetics so I did fashion at college but stopped halfway to pursue a job in hairdressing. I love making someone happy by helping them express how they feel on the inside and showing them by styling their hair and wearing some mascara that anyone can look red-carpet-ready."

When asked where his skills and passions are within the technical side of hairdressing he explains: "Men’s styling has always been a keen interest of mine as precision is so important and as a male, I know the importance of a good cut! Ladies hair is amazing to work with because it allows me to be more creative. The overall look is what I love colouring, cutting and styling can really bring someone out of their shell. I love having the ability to boost someone’s confidence just through how they look."

After the Philippines, Charles worked in a salon in Essex as an assistant then moved to London, elevating his career throughout Covent Garden, Soho, Piccadilly and continued studying in hair, makeup for weddings and performance.

"I met Vidal Sassoon at the premiere of his film when I was younger, he was such an inspiration I asked him “what’s the most important thing I should do in hairdressing?” He replied “Look after your hands as they are the most important tool you will ever use and you should never stop learning” although it was only brief as I was just a star-struck teenager, this has always been with me and I apply this every day."

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