Our latest update regarding Coronavirus

We are temporarily closed for safety reasons surrounding Coronavirus but we have creative ideas in development for our guests. No action is required from you regarding upcoming appointments but please see our blog piece here for regular updates in full.

Thank you for your amazing support and understanding.

Lucy Cogan
£70/hr Stylist @ Islington

Lucy Cogan

“I love hairdressing. I always have and I always will.”

It’s sometimes said that passion stems from the perfect balance of challenge and reward. If that’s the case, then hairdressing is not Lucy’s passion – it’s her one true love.

“Someone once told me that finding the right hairdresser is the same as searching for your perfect partner, “ Lucy explains, “you go on a lot of dates, until finally someone clicks! When it comes to hairstyling, my goal is to be everyone’s ideal, and I give my all to each guest to make certain they feel and look amazing.”

“Another important part of that relationship is informing and assisting by sharing knowledge and expertise, so that guests can understand their hair and leave with quick and easy solutions for maintaining their styles at home.”

“I'm extremely proud of working at The Chapel, I don’t think there’s anywhere else like us. Here we have the time to spend with our guests, and I really believe that the 5-star experience we offer begins with consultations involving some of the most talented stylist in the industry sitting down with you here and really listening! It’s where we build our relationship together, and it’s what keeps our guests coming back.”

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