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Tom Conner
£90/hr Stylist @ Islington

Tom Conner

I'm back! I've been with The Chapel for about 8 years now, and last year, I took a year out to reflect on what life’s all about. I wasn't very well and I’m really glad I took the time to pause and get back to myself. It was actually enlightening and has further inspired how I approach each guest's hair.

Sometimes you need to take a step back to really focus on health and your wellbeing, to take time to figure things out that can give you a fresh perspective and help you be your best.

I really go by this. It’s so easy to do with hair too; why not take a step back and really think about what you want to achieve in your style or lifestyle? I would love to meet you, sit down enjoy a coffee together and really look at how we can go on a hair journey together that fully suits your lifestyle.

17 years of being a hairdresser and working for the great Vidal Sassoon has given me a great understanding of shape and beautiful colouring, using the best means of placement to achieve stunning looks. With all that said, it all starts with a conversation and a little time taken to invest in yourself!

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