Our latest update regarding Coronavirus

We are temporarily closed for safety reasons surrounding Coronavirus but we have creative ideas in development for our guests. No action is required from you regarding upcoming appointments but please see our blog piece here for regular updates in full.

Thank you for your amazing support and understanding.

Amanda Faith (CO-FOUNDER)
£100/hr Stylist @ Marlow

Amanda Faith (CO-FOUNDER)

"My drive to start The Chapel came from always believing that there is, and should be, another, better way…"

"When I started out, as soon as I mentioned I was a hairdresser, women would often say how much they hated the experience of having their hair cut and I was struck by how their stories haunted them! I saw young stylists made to work flat out getting bums on seats with no time to spare and a steady stream of standard looks leaving the salons on their guests' heads! I hated the hairdressing industry! My drive to start The Chapel came from always believing that there is, and should be, another, better way…

I believe that hair tells a story about us as individuals, who we are and where we are in our lives. When our hair doesn’t reflect us as a person it holds us back and stops us evolving. It’s too easy to fall into the trap of trying to look how we’ve always looked or to follow the latest trend even if it doesn’t suit us. The wrong hair can age us and make us feel like we are wearing clothes that just don’t fit (a bit like still trying to wear the same mini skirt you wore in your 20’s!).

Hair needs to evolve with you as a person. Good hair can light us up! When we feel great with our hair we swagger out of the salon! I want this for all my guests. That’s why when I cut your hair I spend time understanding who you are, what your story is and importantly how you want to feel.

I want to give you time, to really listen and to give you an experience unlike any other you have spent in a hairdresser’s chair!"

You can read The Chapel and Amanda's full story at 'Our Story'

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