Our latest update regarding Coronavirus

We are temporarily closed for safety reasons surrounding Coronavirus but we have creative ideas in development for our guests. No action is required from you regarding upcoming appointments but please see our blog piece here for regular updates in full.

Thank you for your amazing support and understanding.

Jade Mower
£70/hr stylist @ Marlow

Jade Mower

 “I love the community feeling of being a hairdresser, getting to know my guests and becoming close friends with them - I’m a people person!”

Hairdressing has always been in Jade’s blood, from a young age she used to watch her mum cut hair at home and this eventually paved the way for her own career as a stylist. With 9 years in the industry, Jade has a strong understanding of different colouring and cutting techniques but loves getting creative with colour and cutting soft waves and textured looks “so if you’re looking for a big blow dry, I might not be the girl for you.”

Working as a stylist has really become a way of life for Jade, but she was searching for a way to elevate her passion even further. “I heard about The Chapel through George, and then one thing led to another and here I am! I instantly gravitated to the environment, the people and how well they look after you at The Chapel. They allow me to carry on doing what I love, without it feeling like work. I’ve also had the pleasure of Working closely with Becky and Amanda for the first few weeks of my Chapel induction, which has really brought me out of my shell and reinforced my confidence. I can’t wait to begin our new adventure in Marlow"

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