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Elias DaSilva
£80/hr Stylist @ Sevenoaks

Elias DaSilva

“Styling is a passion I’ve carried across the globe.”

Not only does our Sevenoaks stylist Elias have decades of styling experience and expertise, he can scarcely remember a time when he wanted to do anything else.

“This has been my passion and my dream ever since I was a boy growing up in Brazil.” Elias recalls. “Between now and then it has driven me eight-thousand miles to London, one of the most culturally exciting and inspiring capitals in the world, and the place where I honed my skills while working my way to becoming senior stylist at Hair Logic in St. Pauls.”

During his time at this iconic city salon, Elias cut and styled at countless catwalk fashion shows for major brands and top designers, “Yet what I continue to gain the greatest satisfaction from is creating styles that are right for each guest, arrived at through communication and trust,” he explains, “which is why I’m so glad to working as part of the team here at The Chapel.”

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