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Jodie Phillips
£80/hr Stylist (On Maternity Leave) @ Sevenoaks

Jodie Phillips

“Together we can change the way you do your hair to make you love it at home just as much as you do when leaving the salon. Show me how you do it.”

Jodie began wowing guests at our Sevenoaks salon from the day we launched, and to-date nothing’s changed, aside from the fact that during the intervening years Jodie has amassed a dazzling array of tips, tricks and clever solutions to ensure that her guests old and new can continue making themselves look fabulous right up to their next appointment.

Jodie explains “When I’m with my guests, it’s all about giving them that ‘me-time’ that we all need.” she continues “and in that time, if there are any hair niggles, I want to give you the solutions to them, whether that could be using different tools or products to help you achieve the look you want.”.

Going even further than her education of home maintenance, Jodie explains how she works with her guests to create the hair plan that works for them - “Seasons are important and tweaking your colours through the year is something that makes a huge difference to keep things moving forward. We might make plans, we might be more spontaneous from each appointment. Whichever way you want to get there, I’ll help you whichever way I can.”

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