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Lilly Eckley
£70/hr Stylist @ Sevenoaks

Lilly  Eckley

“There's no better feeling than making someone smile every day.”

It's great to be looked after by a skilled stylist - it’s even better when the greatest pleasure they gain from their career is enjoying the daily reaction of guests who’ve just been transformed with a fabulous new look.

“For me, there’s no better feeling than making someone feel really good about themselves” confirms Lilly, “that’s why I love it here at The Chapel, our whole ethos is about finding the cuts and styles that really suit our guests, rather than focusing solely on trends, so we’re all dedicated and truly bring out the very best I each of our guests. It’s wonderful to be surrounded with so many talented and like-minded people - we all inspire each other.”

“I wanted to be a hair stylist from a young age and after 10 years in the industry, I feel just as enthused as I did as a kid. There are always fantastic people to meet and something new to learn. Getting better never ends! My passion is colouring, I love glossy shiny healthy looking hair, and it always amazes me how adding some colour, even by just slightly lightening or darkening hair, can totally transform the way you look.”

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