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If you've ever had your hair coloured at a salon, chances are that you didn't know what colour was actually being used. A 95% chance, in fact! You might have told the stylist you'd like to go blonde, but how can you be confident their perception of what 'blonde' is the same as yours? It's miscommunications and assumptions like this that see half of you (yes, half!) leaving the salon unhappy with your hair.

What’s missing from too many salon visits is a real conversation - not a consultation - about what you really want, and how you want your hair to make you feel. We want to teach women about hair colouring: what it means when your stylist uses certain words, the types of questions you should ask, and what is actually happening when your hair is being treated.

The Chapel's Concept Director Amanda Dicker has made this video series to answer these very questions; to make sure you walk away from the salon feeling your most beautiful self.

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Teach me Hair - Episode 1

In the first episode of The Chapel's Teach Me Hair series, meet Concept Director Amanda Dicker, who is dedicated to changing the conversation between you and your stylist.

We highlight just how many women are dissatisfied with their hair, and what we're going to do to change this.

Teach Me Hair - Episode 2

With such a diverse range of colour treatments now available, making the right choice can be confusing and difficult. In the 2nd episode of the Teach Me Hair series, The Chapel's Concept Director Amanda Dicker hopes to help guide you through the choices on offer, to help you discover the best option for your hair.

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