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Callum Waters
£70/hr Cutting Specialist @ Tunbridge Wells

Callum Waters

“I always aim to go above and beyond in helping my guests wear the look they want whilst providing the best advice on how to maintain and evolve their styles”

Artistic talent and craftsmanship have been in Callum’s blood for generations and after qualifying with his Toni & Guy Diploma and Distinction in cutting, he went on to find out it was actually his dad’s secret dream of becoming a hairdresser but he didn’t want Callum to think he wasn’t following his own journey!

Callum has absorbed a plethora of techniques and approaches to hairdressing from his vast experience in-salon and in a variety of training programs over the last 18 years of hairdressing, which explains his extreme proficiency and skill with all hair lengths and styles.

However, it’s the social side and making people smile ear-to-ear attracted him in the first place: “I like to find out how my guests are feeling with their hair, how easy it is to style, how its condition has been so I can create a bigger picture of what they’re after. Making someone comfortable and getting to know them personally is not only essential in the experience with my guests but also what I enjoy most. Seeing them leave with their shoulders back, head high and lifted is why I do it!”

Our favourite quote that Callum cuts by belongs to his carpenter grandfather:

“Measure twice, cut once and leave it a smidge longer so you can always go shorter!”

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