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Lucy Goble
£70/hr stylist @ Tunbridge Wells

Lucy Goble

Lucy has been a qualified hair stylist for 11 years and used to run her own salon for 7 and half years, but feeling like she needed a change of scenery, Lucy found her way to The Chapel.

In her own words, Lucy started hairdressing for 2 reasons:

1 - Happiness - to make people feel and look great and making people happy makes me feel happy!

2 - Creativity - I’ve always enjoyed artistic subjects at school like music and art, then when I was a teenager, I started cutting my own hair and giving my friends makeovers. This is when I started to realise that the beauty industry is where I wanted to be.

As someone with a cutting specialist qualification, “I love doing a real mixture of cuts and styles, but I do really enjoy doing shorter women's and men's hair. Throw anything my way, I love creative cuts! I’m also fully qualified to cut wigs and I have helped a couple of my guests who have been through chemo to find a style that works best for them and also to be there and help them through the difficult process in any way I can.”

“The Chapel brand is so unique and they have really been looking after me. I have more time to be with my guests and give them more focused attention which feels amazing. It’s a beautiful environment to build friendships and working with such an inspiring team has been amazing.”

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