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Phoebe Carter
£60/hr Stylist @ Tunbridge Wells

Phoebe Carter

“Whilst hairdressing is my personal creative outlet, I love the fact that I get to be part of making a guest look and feel amazing with a style that’s perfect for them.”

With 5 years in the hair industry, Phoebe has already racked up an impressive CV with not just her level 4 qualification in hairdressing on paper but experience backstage for the likes of London Fashion Week amongst other show sessions. But a Chapel stylist is more than their CV, and Phoebe is a prime example:

“I’ve always found that it’s properly getting to know your guest and being able to carefully listen to their needs and why they want their hair to look a certain way, that allows us to together find that perfect look.”

Phoebe’s strengths are in her beautiful cuts and stunning blowdries & updos - she’s the queen of bouncy, curly and wavy hair up! With these crafts perfected, she’s carrying out extra colour training to make sure she’s at the top of her game across the board.

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