Rebecca Adams
£90/hr Colour Specialist @ Tunbridge Wells

Rebecca Adams

“As a colour specialist, working at The Chapel has helped me transform into a true artist.”

At The Chapel nothing gratifies us more than providing team members with amazing opportunities to broaden their skills and experiences, then watching as they apply their newfound knowledge to providing our guests with even more exceptional treatments.

Step forward Rebecca, a colour specialist who’s talents were already obvious when she joined us in 2007, but who has also dedicated herself to taking her discipline to extraordinary new levels in the intervening years.

“With The Chapel I’ve been lucky enough to travel to Switzerland and America, learning and teaching with Redken,” she explains, “ and today my experience as a Redken certified colourist enables me to cherry-pick the best of their products and match them to the natural personality of each guest’s hair to enhance their eye colour and skin tones.

“Because you wear your hair colour everyday I believe it should always feel like an expensive garment of fashion. What my returning guests really love is having their hair colour gently moved through the seasons, and I’m always amazed at how these subtle changes can make such a dramatic difference.”

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