Toby Dicker
Founder @ Tunbridge Wells

Toby  Dicker

“Meeting Amanda, then founding the Chapel together was one of the smartest decisions I've ever made.”

“It’s my job to help strategise on the way forward for the business and the team, not only to making sure that we care for our guests by continuously improving our own gold standard, but also that while undertaking that commitment we implement new innovations that have a positive effect throughout the entire UK hairdressing industry.”

“I’m incredibly proud of the award-winning team we have so carefully gathered together over the years, and as they look after our guests it’s my on-going task to secure the financial stability of our business, ensuring that we have always have foundations from which creativity can flourish and fresh ideas to benefit our guests can be brought to life.”

“Everyday I am lucky enough to be surrounded by an incredible group of people who have a collective vision and passion to be the best they can be, so another important part of my role is engineering the marketing programme that allows us to effectively communicate all that we offer.”

“Our vision is, and will always be, to radically improve our industry through the right combination of smart technology (such as our appointment booking app for your phone) and good old-fashioned customer service. I hope you enjoy what we have created.”

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