6 secret spots to spend a summer's day in London

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6 secret spots to spend a summer's day in London

05 Jul 2019

London is one of the world's great cities and has been for hundreds of years. It is a city of intrigue, boasting historical and modern attractions alike; it is a city with something for everyone, no matter how stringent their tastes.

What is perhaps London's best - yet most overlooked - feature is the fact that over the centuries, it has grown organically. There is no grid system, and so it has evolved to become a city of winding streets and hidden nooks, concealed bars and secluded parks. No matter how well you know London, there is always something new to discover.

So, with the summer approaching, we're here to shine a light on six secret spots across the city that will allow you to enjoy the sunshine, and get to know England's capital a little bit better.

1. Skylight Bar - Wapping

London is awash with rooftop bars, and so regardless of where you find yourself, you can probably find one nearby. However, very few can boast views as good as those you will find at Skylight. Overlooking the City, the Thames, and with Canary Wharf on the horizon, this bar is perfect for watching the sun go down. Also, there's a croquet course available for all guests, which really is the cherry atop the cake.

2. Postman's Park - St Pauls

Tucked away between the bustling hubs of St Pauls and Barbican, Postman's Park is one of London's true hidden gems. Containing fountains, gardens and benches, it is the perfect place to enjoy a coffee or read a book. However, the park's true beauty lies in its wall of plaques, each of which is dedicated to a former London resident who gave his or her life to save another. It really is an awe-inspiring spot.

3. Crossrail Place Roof Garden - Canary Wharf

Canary Wharf probably isn't the first area that comes to mind when you consider places to escape the rat race and bask in the sunshine. However, the rooftop garden atop Canary Wharf's soon-to-be-opened Crossrail station - full of exotic trees and plants, and also a small bandstand where gigs are regularly held - is a true hidden gem.

4. The Dickens Inn - St Katharine Docks

This is probably the prettiest pub you will ever see, and I don't make that claim lightly. Looking as though it has been lifted directly from Shakespeare's London, the venue contains great food, a sumptuous selection of ales - both local and otherwise - and also has an unrivalled outdoor seating section, with tremendous views of wonderful dockyard buildings and extravagant yachts.

5. The Horniman Museum and Gardens - Forest Hill

Forest Hill is often overlooked when it comes to spots that are renowned for their panoramic views of London. Hampstead Heath, Greenwich, Muswell Hill and Primrose Hill all get far more attention, but Forest Hill should be considered among the elite. As well as the views, the Horniman has sublime gardens, a well-stocked museum, and hosts one of the city's best food markets at weekends; what more could you ask for?

6. Spitalfields City Farm - Spitalfields

London has a number of city farms - Mudchute and Hackney deserve a mention - but Spitalfields is the pick of the bunch. With numerous events for children and adults alike, a great on-site coffee shop, and an array of animals, it's a magnificent place to while away a summer's afternoon.

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