Beauty in The Big Smoke: the best and worst from New York Fashion Week 2015


Beauty in The Big Smoke: the best and worst from New York Fashion Week 2015

23 Sep 2015

Debby Wong /

Here at The Chapel we love a good fashion show, so New York Fashion week is one of our favourite times of the year. We know it's tough to keep up with every show and style over the whole week, especially from across the pond. That's why we've made it easy for you, and shortlisted the best and worst hairstyles and looks that this year's NYFW had to offer.


Michael Bastian

Autumn sunshine

Sam Aronov /

The natural look is making it's comeback this Autumn. Cool waves that traverse the length of the hair  replicate the breezy nature of the Autumn season. Bastian pulled this off by combining brightly-coloured sunglasses, an 'oh-so British' jumper, and juxtaposed them with some funky shorts. Talk about channeling the Autumn sunshine perfectly - weather permitting, of course. Natural and understated elegance is both effective, and simple to achieve. It requires minimal products and maintenance - just let your hair flow naturally.

Monique Lhullier


Sam Aronov /

There's a lot to be said for strong colour and elegant tailoring, and Monique Lhullier did anything but stay quiet. Championing the sleek, pinned-back wet look we've seen so much of this season, she brings class and balance to the trouser-and-top combo, with a short, floaty train to create the slightest bit of drama.

Short-haired ladies with lobs, bobs, or sharp pixie cuts won't have any trouble pulling this off - those of us lucky enough to have a set of tight ringlets will bring an edge to this feminine, fantasy look.


Straight-laced sweet shop

Sam Aronov /

Candystripes don't need to be sweet - this well-cut, breezy playsuit brings out the mature side of pastel pink for an understated feminine that also means business. Keep your hair sleek, straight, and natural to give off a 'just had a facial, a massage, and a 6 month holiday, so why would I need makeup?' kind of look. If you're running on less than the recommended amount of sleep like the rest of us, use an illuminating primer and tinted moisturizer for your barely-there base - embrace the strobing trend - and you'll be looking well-rested; not like you've been re-watching all of The OC for the last 3 nights.  

If you're lucky enough to have poker-straight hair, this look is nearly one that will let you claim 'I woke up like this'. But for those of us with curly tresses, a heat protectant, light smoothing oil, and the help of a straightener, we can achieve the sleek locks needed to perfect this look.

Lela Rose

White night, wet-look

Sam Aronov /

It's no secret here at The Chapel that we're all huge fans of the wet look. A favourite for designers and stylists last season, it seems this style hasn't even begun to loosen its hold on the fashion world's heartstrings. Paired with an elegant, yet casual and attention-grabbing white outfit, there's no way you'll ever be accused of being under, or over-dressed.

Use a good-quality wax or pomade to get this hairstyle right, and be sure to comb the product through from the roots upwards. No worries if you've got long hair, too: you'll just need a little more patience when getting your comb from root-to-tip.



Braids, boldness, big ambition

Sam Aronov /

Whilst we love a good designer who goes out on a limb, we found this show from Desigual a bit confusing - too many colours, patterns, cuts, and misplaced braids. It's true that braids were very much the talk of the town last season, they often worked as a part of a complete chic, effortless, sophisticated look. Here, they stick out as some kind of afterthought - and have trouble standing out against the bright orange shawl/ cape/ sweater.


Scrunched-up streetwear

Sam Aronov /

Taken backstage at WHIT, this outfit would no doubt look super cute for a laid-back, summer afternoon beverage at your local, but is perhaps a bit too lax in shape for us to take seriously as high fashion. Whilst we love dungarees as much as the next girl, we aren't so hot on loose, sometimes open, almost-unfinished bodices, above a skirt with a neat print - but a hem unsure of where it needs to go. Not to mention the confusing triangle that runs across her chest?

Custo Barcelona

Loud, swishy flares, all-direction patterns

Sam Aronov /

We love a good flare - but we're well aware that when you go for flare, caution should be exercised. Flares are a strong centrepiece to any look, and here they're unfortunately vying for the spotlight against an array of confusing shapes and patterns. The one thing we'll say, though, is that the hairdo does its best to support all the confusion: short, tight curls pressed in close to the head, to give off a subtle texture that's still got a bit of character.

Ready to make New York's freshest catwalk looks your own? Have a chat to one of our amazing stylists about which option is best for you!