Feeling the love? Fabulous styles for heart-shaped faces

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Feeling the love? Fabulous styles for heart-shaped faces

24 Aug 2017

Image credit: Everett Collection/Shutterstock.com

Heart shaped faces are typically wider at the brow and narrower at the chin. You will also notice a ‘V’ shape on your hairline creating the heart shape. If you’re rocking the heart shaped face you’ll probably also have some killer cheekbones. At The Chapel, we don’t believe in rigid rules for hairstyles, especially when it comes to face shapes. We think learning to love what nature gave you is important and all about understanding what you’ve got and working with it. So, we’ve gathered together some fab hairstyles for those ladies with heart shaped faces that we think you’ll love.

The Chapel, London
Image credit: The Chapel, London

Wavy or straight

Wearing your hair in waves and curls can soften the angles of your face as well as making you look and feel fantastic. If curls start from the ear down it can balance fullness giving width to the narrowest part of your face. Long hair can be parted in the centre as this creates a vertical line elongating the face. Worn with layers, this will encourage the hair to curl and bounce adding volume. Pin random sections of waves loosely into a half up half down style with longer pieces around the face to add a little interest. If you want to go straight bend the front framing layers around to frame the face using your straightening irons. Keep a centre parting and avoid tucking your hair behind your ears. Naturally, your hair will curtain the sides of your face adding width to your most narrow area.

Everett Collection / Shutterstock.com
Image credit: Everett Collection / Shutterstock.com

Style-saving bangs

Fringes can be a great style saver when worn the right way. With a heart shaped face, go for side sweeping bangs that finish at the cheekbones. For a style that looks amazing with shaggy waves, go for longer side bangs leaving them to naturally part in the middle for the much-loved Bardot bangs style. Those fancying a full fringe may want to go for a softer textured chop to avoid widening your forehead. Heavy blunt bangs can swamp any face shape especially those with broader foreheads such as the heart shaped gang. Avoid wispy fringes as these can make hair look fine and easily get greasy leaving a stringy fringe - which nobody wants!

The amazing Harriet from our Guest Relations Team, The Chapel, London.
Image credit: The amazing Harriet from our Guest Relations Team, The Chapel, London.

Dare to crop?

Face framing bobs can powerfully enhance heart shape features, particularly when cut to sit just underneath the chin. Angling the bob to be worn close to the nape of the neck and wearing hair forward can soften a pointed chin and accentuate cheekbones. Give yours a bouncy blow dry but using a round barrel brush and lifting hair from the root when drying. Use a couple of drops of serum to add super shine and smooth flyaways.

If you want to go shorter, a pixie crop worn with lots of texture can really suit your heart shaped face. Keeping pieces around the ears and choppy along the neck can break up strong lines and flatter your heart shape. Use a styling wax to wear with a textured 'piecey' finish, or smooth with deep parting using pomade for a 20’s vintage style on a deep part.

Check out Lottie's 'buns with a twist' tutorial on our Chapel TV page
Image credit: Check out Lottie's 'buns with a twist' tutorial on our Chapel TV page

Up-do your do

It’s not all about reaching for the scissors to get a new look to suit your face shape. There are plenty of flattering up do’s if you fancy a change without the commitment of cutting. Keep the styles soft and romantic. An easy style to achieve is the boho bun, simply wave or rough dry hair with a little volumising mousse added. Once dry, part slightly off centre to allow hair to fall in a side swept fringe and gather hair into a loose ponytail at the middle of the head. Twist and roughly pin into a bun, pulling some tendrils to frame your face. If you want to add a little drama to your do, take things higher and pile hair in tumbling curls to give a great evening look. Use a strong bungee to hold in place and criss-cross hair grips to hold if you have thick hair. Adding a hair donut to build volume if you have fine hair can boost your up do. If you have longer hair and are feeling adventurous sweep hair back into a high and smooth pony showing off your jawline and neck.

If you are looking at changing your style, or just want some great advice on styling hair to suit a heart shape face then why not book an appointment with the super stylists at The Chapel? They can offer advice on cuts, colours and up do’s to suit whatever the occasion. Looking for more inspiration? Explore our blog here.