Hello, opal: the colour craze winter couldn't get enough of

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Hello, opal: the colour craze winter couldn't get enough of

10 Feb 2016

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Hair colour has become playfully expressive over the last few years, allowing fashion followers to personalise their hair to work with individual style. Bright block colour kits are all over the high street shelves, and salons are transforming hair into multi-coloured works of art. 'Opal' is the latest colour offering: a gorgeous multi-shade swirl of pastel hue which is ideal for spring.

Grey and rainbow shades have been top of the trends--and opal is their pastel love child. Whilst rainbow hair is all about high impact blasts of colour, opal hair has a much softer finish. This look takes inspiration from an opal gemstone, with it's flecks of green and pink that create a variety of colours when caught in the light. This look is a subtle way to incorporate multiple shades into the hair without making a huge statement. Fancy a change to opulent opal? Here's our rundown on how to get the perfect multi-tonal colour, tips on how to style your gem-like locks, and where to look for more hair-spiration.  

Go opulent with opal

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Start by pre-lightening your hair to a platinum or ice blonde tone. Ladies with grey hair, you've already got a great base to go opal, but don't forget to use a toner to knock out any brassiness. The next step is to add your colour. This is where you can really personalise the finish. It's not a precise art, but a more romantic blend of pretty pastels creating an almost dream like hue. Layer your colours of choice in small sections throughout the hair to produce a multi-tonal colour that looks different from every angle: resembling a gorgeous iridescent gemstone or sand art.

If you want to try out the look but are unsure of a permanent colour change, why not give hair chalks a try. Using white chalk first, then layering with colour will give you the iridescent opal effect without the permanence. Temporary colours mixed with a little conditioner and applied to light hair lengths will also allow you to follow the trend without the commitment.

Styles and cuts for your opal locks

 Image source:  Michal Ludwiczak / Shutterstock.com

Once you've achieved your desired opal look, styling your hair in braids and waves will really show off your new colour. Tong hair into big beachy waves, and finish with shine spray. This will give your colour a sense of fluidity and hold. Curl in different directions for a textured undone look, or in one direction leaving to cool, and then smoothing over with a boar bristle brush for a modern take on the Hollywood wave. Braids concentrate your hair's colour, boosting its impact, particularly when using fishtail styles. Pulling gently on the sides of a Dutch braid will give a really chunky 'my little pony' effect which is perfect for unwashed hair. Keeping your hair in tip top condition is essential to make sure your colour stays put. Wearing hair in braids you can avoid over washing, just give your locks a quick blast of dry shampoo for a bit more oomph. If you find it difficult to braid, try twisting in a rope style and pinning, this looks great on both long and short hair. You could even try out a catwalk candyfloss look by curling tightly, and then brushing out for deliberate fun frizz.

Perhaps you want a complete opal overhaul? A blunt bob cut will give a modern edge to your new opal tresses. If you really want to show off your new gemstone tones go for a sharp heavy fringe, with the pastel tones running through. But if you want to tone things down, keep your locks long and add opal colouring to the ends and underside. An opal ombre is the perfect colour update to refresh dull hair, giving a 'part-time mermaid' look.


Image source: ginger_polina_bublik / Shutterstock.com

Now it's time to get inspired. For this look, you've got to delve a little deeper than catwalk trends or high street fads: take inspiration from Instagram and bloggers who have been rocking opal. #opalhair has been trending throughout the winter months, with both long and short haired ladies adopting this versatile colour palette. Some of our favourites include Ayden (Hellorogue), who recently tried out mermaid shades on her bob. Colour chameleon KL Christoffersen (mermicornhair) gave us some amazing opal ideas for longer hair, along with videos showing the colouring process. Of course we cannot forget the amazing Confessions Of A Hairstylist (theconfessionsofaHairstylist) who recently posted her gorgeous halo fishtail braid, given the opal touch using colour powder sprays. Her braids and updos show how to really make the most of opal's iridescent colour.

We've given you the know how on opal colouring, cuts, styles, and some image inspiration, but are you ready for an opal overhaul? Our salon experts are here to guide you through your hair transformation, so give us call today.