Knot messing around: how to style the perfect top knot

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Knot messing around: how to style the perfect top knot

08 Jun 2016

Tidy or textured, the top knot is one trend that has stood the test of time. The simple bun has come a long way, being featured on countless catwalks and red carpets, and easily making the transition to high street hair. Versatility, along with being flattering to almost any face shape mean the top knot is  one summer style you should always have at your disposal.

The top knot, usually comes in two different style settings. A high impact tight and smooth finish, that mirrors the catwalk take on the trend looks great for an evening updo. Whereas a looser, more casual style is perfect for daytime wear, and can really help to bring out babylights and ombre tones. But how do you actually achieve the perfect top knot? Here's The Chapel's guide.

Lovely for long hair

A great look for long haired ladies is a sleek sharp top knot with an oriental twist. Leaving pieces of hair free from the knot and smoothing into sharp almost shard like sections really adds drama. Use a little pomade to define the sections, finishing with a high shine serum over the scalp. This is a great style to boost height and give the illusion of a modelesque stature.

If you fancy something with a little less edge, go for a loose boho top knot with face framing pieces and lots of texture. Ashley Benson and Vanessa Hudgens paired a dishevelled top knot with their glamorous gowns, giving a carefree feel to their red carpet looks. Also, adding small braids to sections of hair can help grunge up your top knot--perfect for a festival season vibe.

Short and sweet

Those with shorter hair can adapt the style, and go for a half up half down top knot like celebrities Margot Robbie and Rooney Mara. This style works well on textured hair, so either roughly blowdry hair with some volumising mousse, or tong random sections and blast with some texturising spray. Take the top section, using fingers to roughly section off the top. Try not to use a brush for this look as you don't want it looking to neat, and want to retain the texture without causing frizz. Twist the section around your finger to create a rope shape and let it naturally bend back onto itself to create a bun shape. Pin with grips and to loosen up, hold the knot and wriggle it around to help give a more natural undone style.

Shorter styles could even try out some mini top knots for a nod to the 90's, taking inspiration from Gwen Stefani and more recently Miley Cyrus. Section hair from ear to ear over the top of your head and split into two with a centre parting. Wind hair around your finger so it creates a rope twist, keep winding until the hair twists back onto itself and curls into a tight bun. Pin to hold and finish with hairspray, and perhaps some shine spray to show off the twists. Take it one step further with a Marc Jacobs catwalk inspired faux hawk, placing mini top knots in a line down the centre of your head.

Faking it

If you've not much 'knot going on', look out for hairpieces and fake ponytails that can help you achieve a larger knot. There is so much variety of shades available on the high street, and the best bit about faking it? You can style the knot before you clip in.

Why not use to top knot to fake some bangs? Kendall Jenner framed her face with the ends of her long hair giving the illusion of a fringe, without the commitment. This works well with long hair and is an easy style cheat. Brush hair to remove any knots and then pull into a high ponytail securing with a small band, use serum if you want to smooth any flyaways and give a high impact catwalk finish. Split the ponytail into two pieces, one towards your face and one towards the back of your head. Take the section closest to your face and begin to play around with placing the hair on your forehead and bending the section into a loop to get the length of fringe you want, once you are happy use grips to hold. Take the remaining section and backcomb gently, then loop around the already pinned front section forming a bun shape. Pin to hold and finish with some with strong hold hairspray.

Mastering the 'mun'

Yes, there has been some backlash against the illusive 'mun', but now it has surpassed it's hipster domination, it is now making it's way back into high fashion. So guys most certainly don't need to feel left out; the top knot has proven popular with male celebrities including Harry Styles and Jared Leto. Use some matte wax to keep control and let pieces fall out giving a real casual take on the top knot. This style is most flattering when placed towards the middle of head, usually around the occipital bone area. Finally, use a strip of leather to tie hair for a rough and tough look.

However you wear your top knot, personalise and play around with how to make it work for you. Perfect for those 'inbetween wash' days, it's a style staple that's definitely sticking around! Need some more advice on how to achieve a top notch top knot? Our stylists are on hand to give a helping hand.