London Fashion Week 2015: The Chapel's hair and style roundup


London Fashion Week 2015: The Chapel's hair and style roundup

30 Sep 2015

With the East Coast's fashionistas turning their attention across the pond now that this year's New York Fashion Week has come to a close, it's time for London to show the world what it's made of.

Amidst chic shapes, tousled hair, and ambitious accessories, the designers to grace the city's catwalks certainly didn't fail to impress. In some cases, they didn't fail to confuse, either.

We know it's not always easy to high-tail it down to Soho to check out this season's best, worst, and freshest, which is why we've put together a shortlist of highlights to keep you all in the loop.


Image credit: Victor Virgile / Gettyimages

You might call the SS16 Ashish collection a lot of things, but you certainly can't call it boring. Bright and whimsical, with a cute, quirky twist, each and every piece on this catwalk was dripping with attitude. Whilst we can't see ourselves striding into work on Monday in some of the louder works, we can certainly see the potential for an elegant mix-and-match with, say, this model's skirt and a well-cut black top. After all, who doesn't love a good statement piece?

Keep your hair simple, but not too 'kept': you don't want to detract too completely from the fun and character of these -- quite literally -- dazzling designs.

Tata Naka

Image credit: Miles Willis / Gettyimages

Tailoring is everything where it comes to good fashion. A simple print can only go so far if not trimmed, moulded, and let fall into the right shapes. Tata Naka's slinky, bright designs marry chic, sharp cuts with fun, irreverent prints, to bring us a collection that's got character, but still holds it's own in the world of haute couture. A messy updo is a great way to echo this 'loose, yet just under control' attitude, and could also be switched out with slightly tousled loose hair.

When playing with bright colours, it's important to pick your battles: this model plays it cool with darker eyeshadow, and subtle grey sandals. From makeup to shoes, everything needs to work together as part of your complete look; the perfect degree of cohesion that Tata Naka nailed.


Image credit: Anthony Harvey / Gettyimages

We love a good updo, and it's pretty clear that this year's crop of designers do, too. Taking a more feminine, subtle approach to one of next season's most sought-after 'dos, FAD leaves a swishy, soft side fringe that leads into larger, loose, and softer waves. This take on a clean-cut, corporate white dress gives us just enough colour to get us in the mood for bright lipstick, but with just enough constraint to give this piece a timeless glamour. Pair with bright orange lipstick for a showstopping look, or go for a classic deep-red if you'd prefer to go for a more sleek, chic, 'vixen' look.

This dress' sharp angles also make it the perfect accessory if you're going for the 'power' look -- slick back your hair into a low pony, or, if you've got short hair, comb back to achieve 'the wet look'.


Image credit: Tristan Fewings / Gettyimages

A good monochrome is always a good idea. We love this deep, dark-yet-bright green outfit, and the easy sense of movement the cut of the top creates. Marques'Almeida certainly got the memo where comes to creating drama: create just enough to grab attention, but not enough to confuse. Pairing with a subtle, same-colour trouser is a clever way to avert attention back to the colour on top, and give off a cohesive sense of what the look is all about.

This look shines via its simplicity, so don't be afraid to play around with different hairstyles to strike different impressions. High-end lunch you're heading to? Try a loose bun or slicked-back pony. Casual drink in a trendy watering hole? Loose, crunchy waves will help to create movement around your face, and add a bit more quirk to your complete look.

Anya Hindmarch

Image credit: Victor Virgile / Gettyimages

Speaking of slicked-back, we'd be doing wrong to not mention the power of symmetry. Anya Hindmarch gives us sharp lines, angles, and geometry, in just two simple colours. Another designer to toe the 'playful-yet-serious' line, here it's the red we're drawn into, and the calming harmony of the pieces' clean shapes that keep us on, and turn us into believers. The low pony makes another shining appearance in this collection, too -- another season favourite. Slick your hair back, crack out your red lipstick, and embrace this look's effortless edginess.

Emilio De La Morena

Image credit: Anthony Harvey / Gettyimages

It's a classic for a reason. The little black dress has been a staple of the fashion world -- and women's wardrobes -- for decades, so surely, by now, we'd have exhausted all possible variations of it? Wrong.

A dress is never a dress in isolation: it exists in relation to your hair, shoes, lipstick, and accessories. Think of a well-cut, perfectly tailored black dress as the ultimate canvas to add a bit of individuality to, which Emilio De La Morena neatly demonstrates via a neat pop of purple lipstick, and ice-white, pointed-toe low heels, neck sash, and nails. Another champion of slicked-back hair, De La Morena is careful not to leave this model looking too serious: her lightly crumpled, thick hair brings a unique spin to a well-loved classic.

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