What Did 2018 Mean For The Chapel Hairdressers - Horsham?

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What Did 2018 Mean For The Chapel Hairdressers - Horsham?

21 Dec 2018

Image credit: James French Photography, The Chapel Horsham

We asked Mark Palmer to tell us what 2018 brought The Chapel Horsham and what it’s meant to him...

What did 2018 mean to your team at The Chapel Horsham?

I’d been at The Chapel Islington for years, knowing that we delivered an experience that no other salon has offered. And I’d have always continued to love it. But given the opportunity to start the mega-exciting new chapter of opening The Chapel Horsham, making Amanda's true vision a reality, I had to take it.

My team are working from a blank canvas with no bad habits, just a work ethic of togetherness and they are evidently already TRUE Chapel believers in what we do differently, all as one.

What are you most proud of about your team?

I'm genuinely so proud of my team, we have the best stylists who have taken on board what the standards are and what is expected of a Chapel stylist. They all want to give and experience and really help each other, we have no new Chapel people, they are all Chapel already.

What is the biggest movement in your team that our guest would find interesting to read about their visit?

For me, it’s just that they understand that the only way for Horsham to spread the word of what we do, is to blow our guests’ high expectations out of the water. It’s working and now 3 months in, we are giving the very best to every guest. The response and feedback is overwhelming -guests can't believe what we offer them, I can feel that this is our golden ticket for the future.

What are your wishes for your guests for 2019?

Chapel guests want to feel unique and be recognised as individuals, that's why they come to us. I want them to be aware that this never stops and we keep evolving especially thinking about how we are to become even more eco-friendly and thoughtful to our futures.

What are your wishes for you and your team for 2019?

When we’re close to reaching our maximum busyness I want to see our team grow with more stylists, my personal aim is to see another 3 join us by June! And when we’re welcoming new team onboard, I want to take them all out and spoil them! I then want to keep them believing why they were chosen to work in Horsham.

My biggest wish is to give the best of the best of The Chapel group. To make my team the next cores or trainers!

What is it you love most about being you in The Chapel team?

I love being the real me. I love positivity and making people enjoy their live - a smile goes a million miles! Giving people happiness is what I'm all about.

I have a vision, I know which way my ship is heading and I’m glad that everyone so far is aboard and believes in what we do and WHY we do it.

I've learnt a lot in 29 years of hairdressing, but I still crave for more. It’s a pursuit of happiness for all is my ongoing goals and will always burn inside me. I'm not a complex character, honestly...