What Did 2018 Mean To The Chapel Hairdressers Tunbridge Wells?

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What Did 2018 Mean To The Chapel Hairdressers Tunbridge Wells?

19 Dec 2018

We asked Scott Perkins to tell us what 2018 brought The Chapel Tunbridge Wells and what it’s meant to him...

What did 2018 mean to your team at The Chapel Tunbridge Wells?

I think firstly, there has been a shift in the team that as a brand we care for our team as much as we do our guests, with more time being invested in focusing on ourselves. Communication between my whole team has elevated to another level, which is superb.

What is the biggest movement in your team that our guest would find interesting to read about their visit?

The movement of what it should feel like a host is looking after you as opposed to being treated as a Chapel guest will become more apparent as 2019 progresses...

Though the biggest movement is something we are calling internally ‘The Chapel Vibe’. We are regularly sharing the tiny details that we individually add that make a difference to our guests, how to improve and other new ideas to keep the experience evolving. We care so much for this feeling that we devote a whole meeting about its potency on a Tuesday led by Sarah & Laura with team members contributing their learnings about what it is to add their own distinctiveness to the whole experience of The Chapel.

What are your wishes for your guests for 2019?

It is my wish for our guests in 2019 that they feel at ease with their individualities and that every time they visit us at The Chapel we celebrate what makes them unique and bring beauty to each reflection they may catch a glimpse of.

What are your wishes for you and your team for 2019?

My wish for my team is that they continue to understand how amazing they are and how much more there is to explore their talent whilst working in such creative surroundings!

What is it you love most about being you in The Chapel team?

What I love most about working with my team is seeing that excited spark when they truly feel understood and appreciated for what they have done and the best is when you overhear them talking excitedly about an outcome you nudged them towards!


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