What Did 2018 Mean To The Chapel Hairdressers Verbier?

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What Did 2018 Mean To The Chapel Hairdressers Verbier?

19 Dec 2018

We asked Jemma Barwick to tell us what 2018 brought The Chapel Verbier over in Switzerland and what it’s meant to her...

What did 2018 mean to your team at The Chapel Verbier?

2018 has been a great year because it’s when we fully opened up our larger salon in Verbier. It was a big step but one that has been rewarding for myself and the team. There is no stopping us now!

What are you most proud of about your team?

I’m proud that the team give up a lot to be here, to help me and help The Chapel move forward. They have often travelled internationally so have sacrificed seeing friends, family and other things which we all miss daily - a good curry included! I love the fact that we all see the world differently and we have common ground in the fact that the hustle and bustle of city life didn’t work for us for various reasons. We love the work-life balance, it is a different approach and I’m proud that everyone in the team embraces that.

What is the biggest movement in your team that our guest would find interesting to read about their visit?

The biggest movement, that’s an interesting one... possibly the fact that I will be taking maternity leave in May and I have never been away from the salon before. It will be a big step for me to take on the new little project we have lined up but really looking forward to finding out where it will lead me. But I’m really grateful that the team we have in place are ready to look after all the existing and new guests we have until I am back. We also have Emma Woodall back under our wing! She and I used to work together in The Chapel Tunbridge Wells where she then took some years out to travel (basically everywhere!) and so it’s so lovely to be reunited with some Chapel family again.

What are your wishes for your guests for 2019?

My wishes would be that they continue to bring their adventure and travel stories into the salon with them. Our guests travel so much and it’s always really interesting to hear what they have been up to.

What are your wishes for you and your team for 2019?

My wishes for myself and the team is that we continue to be happy and healthy. I think this is the most important thing in life. Also to maintain work-life balance as this helps us give you more when you enter the salon.

What is it you love most about being you in The Chapel team?

The thing I love the most is having a community of people you around who think the same. Although we are not able to always meet up with our UK crew often, our vibe is still the same here, it’s just the English Channel that separates us. I think we all see hairdressing so differently to other salon groups, to us, it’s a craft and a feeling and not just a quick haircut, that’s not what it’s about at all.